DNA, Wakanim, Crunchyroll: the animated ones from November 2 to 9: Fire Force, Goblin Slayer … on TV

Dna, wakanim, crunchyroll: the animated ones from november 2 to 9: fire force, goblin slayer... On tv

DNA, Wakanim, Crunchyroll: the anime from November 2 to 9: Fire Force, Goblin Slayer, Haikyu …


After the resounding success of the film Promare released in May 2019, firefighters are once again in the spotlight with the adaptation of the manga Fire force. This signed story Ohkubo Atsushi (also author of the famous Soul Eater) takes us to the heart of a dystopian Tokyo where a strange phenomenon of human combustion is decimating the population. But a young man named Shinra Kusakabe, a new recruit to the city’s eighth fire brigade, intends to find the origin of such a disaster and lift the veil on the fire that orphaned him twelve years ago. .

The power of its action scenes, accentuated by the atypical colorization of these sets, plunges us into a post-apocalyptic atmosphere that is clearly worth the detour. The second season is currently being broadcast: the perfect opportunity to embark on this shônen if you haven’t already!


Goblin Slayer, directed by White Fox studio (Steins Gate, Re Zero), follows guild member, Goblin Slayer. The latter accomplished a feat few are capable of: he became a knight of the silver rank just by hunting goblins. The Priestess, a novice adventurer, has barely embarked on her first outfit when she is already facing mortal danger. Goblin Burst comes to his rescue. He exterminates the enemies by all means, without making the lace. He surrounds himself with the Priestess, whom he likes to upset, with a member of the always affable guide and his childhood friend, the Cowgirl. Suddenly, an elf who has heard rumors about the character comes to them with a request.

This animated, for informed public, is extremely enjoyable! The animated eyeing the side of the cult Berserk, pushing the concept of Dark Fantasy quite far. Violent and without concessions, the series captivates from start to finish. A must see !


After basketball (Kuroko no Basket), tennis (Prince of Tennis), baseball (Ace of Diamond) or American football (Eyeshield 21), the animation studio Production IG continues in the production of sports animated series with Haikyu, taking place in the world of volleyball.

We follow Shôyô Hinata, nicknamed Shô. The latter loves to play volleyball more than anything, despite his small size. Unfortunately, following a severe defeat, his college club was disbanded, all members having left. But Shô is determined to play again and chooses his future high school according to his ambition. He therefore joined the Karasuno high school, where his idol, the Little Giant played, while hoping to do as well as him. Season 4 started recently and is ongoing on Wakanim.


After the resounding success of Tower of God, Crunchyroll Originals returns with a new adaptation of manhwa: The God of High School. Written by Park Yong-Je and published online since 2011, this Korean comic is one of the must-haves in the webtoon sphere and was one of the first to benefit from an English translation, allowing its discovery to the whole world. We follow the adventures of Jin Mo-Ri, a 17-year-old martial artist who participates in a tournament whose winner will see his dearest wish granted. But, hidden in the shadows, a mysterious organization seems to manipulate the game, to the detriment of the participants.

In collaboration with the MAPPA studios renowned for their quality of animation, the anime offers us chara-design as neat as it is original and epic fight scenes. A pure shônen that promises a lot of action and turnarounds, all punctuated by OSTs that will make you want to step into the ring in your turn.


After a first anime broadcast in 2001, the popular shojo Fruits Basket offers a remake with the promise to adapt this time the complete series of Takaya Natsuki. With the animation studio TMS Entertainment at the helm, the project starts from scratch and takes us alongside the young Honda Toru, an orphan and homeless teenager, who befriends the Soma: a cursed family including 12 of limbs transform into a Chinese zodiac animal whenever they are hugged by a person of the opposite sex.

An original pitch that gives rise to many funny and quirky situations. Beyond humor, the story is embellished with endearing characters, atypical romance and mythological references that intrigue and hook us. The third season is expected in 2021.

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