DNA, Wakanim, Crunchyroll: the animated ones from August 3 to 10: Code Geass, Tokyo Revengers …

DNA Wakanim Crunchyroll: This week, we are talking about mechas, gang warfare and water polo in our 3 animated recommendations to discover on your specialized platforms!



To all those who think that Light Yagami from Death Note is the best strategist from manga culture, Lelouch Lamperouge could well make you change your mind.

In an alternative Japan enslaved by the Holy Empire of Britannia, this boy of royal blood swears to kill his father the emperor, responsible for the mutilation of his little sister during an attack. Helpless for many years, everything changes the day the high school student finds himself, despite himself, involved in a military altercation.

Dna wakanim crunchyroll
Dna wakanim crunchyroll

By a combination of circumstances, he meets CC, a mysterious young girl who offers him the Geass: the power to impose one’s will on anyone who meets his gaze. Enough to allow him to satisfy his revenge …

Multi-award winning original anime, Code Geass is the perfect blend of action, drama and science fiction. Alliances, betrayals and fierce battles punctuate this political conflict, where its anti-hero, tactical genius, is ready to do anything to restore peace.

A superb psychological thriller that would convince even the most reluctant to this genre. Its scenario, without downtime, hooks you from the first episode to its grandiose finale, famous in the history of anime.

Yet in 2019, a sequel film dubbed Code Geass: Lelouch of the Resurrection saw the light of day, threatening to overturn everything the last episode of the series had set in place. A new intriguing project available on ADN!


Tokyo Revengers introduces us to 26-year-old Takemichi. The latter has the feeling of having already missed his life. Living on ungrateful odd jobs barely worth paying the rent of a seedy studio, he laments the desert of his love life when he learns of the death of Hinata, the only girlfriend he has ever had.

The young girl and her brother were the collateral victims of a settling of scores between the members of a gigantic gang, the Tokyo Manji-kai. Still in shock, Takemichi is in turn the victim of an accident that inexplicably takes him back 12 years, when he was in college and looked like a bad boy.

What if it was for him the opportunity to save Hinata? But in trying to change the future, Takemichi will find himself inexorably embroiled in the plots that are brewing around Tokyo Manji-kai and its charismatic and mysterious leader.

Tokyo Revengers is THE anime sensation of 2021, just like Jujutsu Kaisen last year. From the first episode, the universe is extremely catchy, in particular thanks to its narrative system made of jumps in time.

The characters are thus very well constructed, especially psychologically, benefiting from a rather remarkable depth. Plus, the animation thinks outside the box, especially when it comes to character design, which makes the anime quite one of a kind. A potential hit not to be missed!

The new arc has already started on Crunchyroll, giving way to more and more interesting intrigues around Tokyo Manji and Valhalla. The opportunity also to meet new faces with a strong character (Baji, Kazutora, Chifuyu …) and who also promise to upset the course of time!


Minato Kiyomizu is a high school student who excels at water polo. Unfortunately, upon returning from competition, a serious traffic accident plunges him into a coma for several months. When he wakes up, with amnesia for the last three years of his life, he does not even remember ever having practiced this sport.

While he is back in high school, determined to move on, new encounters push him to dive back into the pool. But it is difficult for this young man to become again this prodigy that everyone admired so much before his incident …

After swimming Free!, the football of Captain tsubasa or again, recently, the Kabaddi of Burning Kabaddi, it’s time to get interested in water polo with colorful heroes and a festive atmosphere! Enough to motivate us to get moving this summer!

Perfect combination of the irrefutable graphic quality of MAPPA and the scriptwriting talent of Masafumi Nishida (to whom we owe in particular the brilliant Tiger & Bunny), RE-MAIN is THE original and offbeat series of this season not to be missed!

But beyond this good atmosphere typical of sports anime, a much deeper dimension could well emerge in the background. Darker themes such as the loss of self-confidence, fear of judgment and sibling rivalry embellish the series with some dramatic touches and remind us that the sports world is far from being all rosy.

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