DNA, Wakanim, Crunchyroll: the animated ones from August 17 to 24: Shaman King, Scarlet Nexus … on TV

Dna, wakanim, crunchyroll: the animated ones from august 17 to 24: shaman king, scarlet nexus... On tv

This week, we talk about tournament, extrasensory abilities and divine invocation in our 3 animated recommendations to discover on your specialized platforms!



At the corner of a cemetery, high school student Oyamada Manta meets Asakura Yoh, a nonchalant-looking young boy who turns out to be a Shaman. Able to communicate and merge with spirits, this intriguing character hopes to become the next Shaman King, to be overpowered in perfect harmony with nature.

But to achieve this, he will have to face various opponents, each more determined than the other, in a famous tournament! It is with the help of his fiancé, Anna, of Manta and of his most faithful friend, Amidamaru, that he sets out on the adventure.

It is finally here ! 20 years after its first adaptation, Shaman King landed in the Netflix catalog last Monday in a reboot signed Bridge Animation (Fairy Tail, Yu-Gi-Oh …). The opportunity to bring to light its animated version of 2001, which has become a true classic of the genre.

Available in full on ADN in VOSTFR and VF, the original series is aimed at both shônen fans and curious children. Full of humor, fighting and good feelings, the story is at the crossroads between action comedy and fantasy drama.

Whether you let yourself be tempted by the original anime or its reboot, Shaman King remains effective and accessible to a wide audience. You just have to choose!


In 2020, many humans are born with psychic powers. They quickly find themselves threatened by creatures named Others, fallen from the stratosphere. To protect them, the government created the BEA, an extermination brigade.

Yuito Sumeragi, a psychokinesist, has been training as a volunteer soldier since the BEA rescued him as a child. Kasane Randall, meanwhile, was recruited by the brigade. If they want to make it out alive, both will have to face a fate they still know nothing about.

Based on the eponymous game by Bandai Neco, Scarlet Nexus plunges us into a cyberpunk universe where dynamic fights and amazing psychic powers mingle! If the scenario, classic, does not surprise, you will quickly let yourself be caught by the many mysteries which surround this futuristic and dangerous Japan.

However, do not let yourself be disturbed by the many gray areas of the story, everything gradually becomes clearer during unpredictable revelations! An animated, action-packed RPG that’s sure to make you want to play video games!


Tsukimichi follows the character of Makoto Misumi. He was just an ordinary teenager when he was summoned to another world to become a hero. But because the goddess of this place found him ugly, she took that status away from him, and then sent him away from it all.

In these wasteland, Makoto encounters dragons, spiders, orcs, dwarves and many other non-human creatures. However, he is very adept at wielding magic during combat. On his way, he meets many people, but will he be able to survive in this universe?

Tsukimichi’s story is adapted from a light novel published in Japan between 2012 and 2016. As for the series, it is directed by Shinji Ishihara (Fairy tail) and produced by C2C studio (SukaSuka). This Isekai type anime is very classic in its plot but will delight your peers thanks to a splendid animation and a very elaborate character design, especially on non-human species and monsters.

If the scenario does not break bricks, the grinding humor and the action, extremely pleasant, come to compensate for this defect. If you like the genre, give it a try, you won’t be disappointed! The perfect anime to relax and get carried away to another world.

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