DNA, Wakanim, Crunchyroll: a season 2 for Tokyo Revengers, the astonishing Visual Prison and …

DNA Wakanim Crunchyroll a season 2 for Tokyo Revengers the

This week, we are talking about gang wars, vampire idols and atypical sport in our 3 animated recommendations to discover on your specialized platforms.



Tokyo Revengers introduces us to Takemichi, 26 years old. The latter has the feeling of having already failed his life. Living on ungrateful odd jobs barely worth paying the rent of a seedy studio, he laments the desert of his love life when he learns of the death of Hinata, the only girlfriend he has ever had. The young girl and her brother were the collateral victims of a settling of scores between the members of a gigantic gang, the Tokyo Manji-kai.

Still in shock, Takemichi is in turn the victim of an accident that inexplicably takes him back 12 years, when he was in college and pretended to be a bad boy. What if it was for him the opportunity to save Hinata? But in trying to change the future, Takemichi will find himself inexorably embroiled in the plots that are brewing around Tokyo Manji-kai and its charismatic and mysterious leader.

Tokyo Revengers is THE anime sensation of 2021, just like Jujutsu Kaisen last year. From the first episode, the universe is extremely catchy, in particular thanks to its narrative system made of jumps in time.

The characters are thus very well constructed, especially psychologically, benefiting from a rather remarkable depth. Plus, the animation thinks outside the box, especially when it comes to character design, which makes the anime quite one of a kind. A potential hit, season 2 of which arrives in 2022!


Angel Yuki, a lonely boy with no family, travels to Harajuku to see his favorite artist. Upon arriving, he attends an intense musical battle between the groups Eclipse and Lost Eden. While overwhelmed by the energetic performance of the two groups, Ange is suddenly struck by severe pain in his heart …

Revealed dhampire (half-human, half-vampire), the young man finds himself under the protection of Guiltia, blood drinker for centuries and former singer. Together, they decide to create their own group to participate in the Visual Prison competition.

Let’s face it up front: Visual Prison is clearly not the kind of anime one looks at for the genius of its storyline or for its jaw-dropping graphics. And yet, this small series at first glance unpretentious, is much more ambitious than it seems.

With its multifaceted characters and their connections, the anime promises to give you lovely moments of laughter and emotions. Added to this is its fantastic and mysterious dimension which completely disconnects us from everyday life during the 20 minutes of each episode.

And obviously, his songs ranging from pop to metal, including opera, may well come to replenish your playlist at the end of viewing! It is the perfect relaxation meeting of the season.


Tatsuya Yoigoshi, a young football star, decides to give up the sport when he arrives in high school. His reputation, however, catches the eye of a club looking to recruit him. He is then invited to try a funny activity: kabbadi.

This sport, which perfectly combines rugby and wrestling, could well allow Tatsuya to exploit all his skills in which he no longer believes. Only, a major problem pushes the lonely teenager to refuse to register. Kabbadi is played as a team!

Little known anime, Burning Kabaddi nevertheless stands out from other sports works thanks to the originality of its discipline. Little known in Europe, the kabbadi is native to the Indian subcontinent and does not require any material except a delimited tatami mat.

If victory in the kabbadi is largely based on physical strength and speed, its rules call for cohesion and strategy. The perfect activity to learn what team spirit is.

As funny as it is unusual, Burning Kabaddi is a series that can only intrigue us. Its high-tension matches and its varied characters perfectly punctuate its twelve episodes, and always teach us a little more about this amazing sport. It’s a safe bet that you too will want to try kabbadi!