DNA, Wakanim, Crunchyroll: 5 horror anime for Halloween: Tokyo Ghoul, Parasyte, Monster … on TV

Dna, wakanim, crunchyroll: 5 horror anime for halloween: tokyo ghoul, parasyte, monster... On tv

Halloween with DNA, Wakanim, Crunchyroll: discover 5 anime to shiver: Parasyte, Tokyo Ghoul, Monster, Kagewani, Junji Itô Collection …


In Tokyo, ghouls are rampant, cannibalistic monsters hiding among humans to eat better. Ken Kaneki, a shy student, is one day attacked by one of these famous creatures. Mortally wounded, he survives thanks to the transplant of the organs of his attacker … But he realizes little by little that he is starting to feel a suspicious appetite for his fellows …

While many readers of the original work judge this adaptation too rushed, the Tokyo Ghoul series is nonetheless accessible and effective for any lover of the horror genre. Brutal, uncompromising and even gory at times, this anime brilliantly exploits the theme of the legendary monster. The ghouls are thus added to the zombies, vampires and other creatures that have made us shiver. Special mention to the very trying scene of season 1, and which gives the hero his famous white hair.


Mysterious creatures have colonized the Earth by taking possession of certain inhabitants. A high school student, Shin’ichi, has been infected, but his brain is spared. Only his right arm is possessed by a parasite, Migi, whom he gradually learns to know. The two must now cohabit, but at the same time, Shin’ichi understands that the proliferation of parasites threatens the human species in the long term.

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The presence of a foreign body in oneself is undoubtedly one of the most distressing themes. Parasyte marks and operates for its disturbing – and violent, in some aspect – approach to what would be a total invasion of the human mind. With environmental and philanthropic values, the anime also offers us some very moving moments. However, it is not in the lace, and its particularly striking opening scene is there to confirm it from the outset.


Junji Itô Collection is a collection of short stories, all adapted from famous manga by Junji Itô, the master of Japanese horror. Among these, Tomié, Spirale and Le Journal de Soïchi.

A deceased woman who comes back from the dead, a psychopath who kills with evil dolls, a boy plagued by a strange evil, an evil oracle who haunts the streets and leads to suicide … This horrific and disturbing anime guarantees you a good dose of thrills! There reigns a disturbing strangeness sublimated by a sleek and gloomy graphic style.


1986 – Düsseldorf – West Germany. Dr. Tenma is a neurosurgeon with a bright future. But the day he decides to ignore an order from his superior by saving two children in place of a notable in the city, he still ignores the disastrous consequences of this act: giving life to a monster that will set on fire and bloodshed a Germany stuck in the twists and turns of its reunification …

Multi-awarded in the “best series” category, Monster perfectly combines historical facts and thriller. Immersed in a context of German reunification, we witness a strange game of cat and mouse delivered by a disturbed hero and a disturbing antagonist, each in turn brushing the line between good and evil. Its dark and oppressive (even disturbing) atmosphere accompanies the brilliantly mastered story, grabs you a little more with each episode until a masterful finale!

Kagewani follows Takeru and his friends. To become Internet celebrities, they stage false reports in which they hunt legendary monsters. But these monsters are more real than they think …

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This anime is made up of 13 horrific stories independent of each other but all linked by a common thread that we let you discover. The animation, very particular, can put off, even disturb, but it contributes greatly to the disturbing atmosphere of each story. Some stories, very sordid, can literally make the blood run cold. Aficionados of the occult and terrifying monsters will be delighted!

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