DIYer Inspires with a DIY Haunted Mansion-Themed Bathroom

We are approaching August and Halloween is still like a hundred days away, but that doesn’t mean we can’t a little spooky vibe. While we eagerly wait for All Hallows Eve, DIYers across the world are already gearing up for the holiday in full swing. Youtuber and TikTok user @ArielsArts (Ariel Mcgaha) recently flaunted her DIY Haunted Mansion-themed bathroom and it will send chills down your spine.

In the video, Ariel takes us through the process where she shows how she turned her bathroom into a spooky haunted mansion. She makes ample use of black , the color mostly associated with Halloween in transforming the bathroom. From painting the walls black to applying a wallpaper and spray painting artworks and accessories, she gets every detail just right to create eerie vibes across the space.

In the video, we can see her transforming an ornate tissue box cover, antique-looking picture frames, and a candle holder with spray paint. Following this, she paints the bathroom walls black and hangs up a purple Halloween-themed shower curtain featuring a repeating pattern of a menacing face. Next, she adorns the black walls with wallpaper featuring a black and gold brocade-style pattern, adding a tinge of spookiness to the bathroom.

After that, she installs some hanging corner shelves above the lavatory where she places some black candles, plants, and other decorative items. The final look is completed with creepy skeleton and witch picture frames that give the space a haunted look.

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Ariel also adds more traces of black to her bathroom through other nitty-gritty accessories like a black ceramic soap dispenser, floor mat, and a toothbrush holder set.

With all these features combined, she successfully transforms her bathroom into a haunted corner. The haunted bathroom lacks decals and pumpkins but, if required, there’s still plenty of time to add them later.

This DIY ghostly bathroom makeover is sure to provide some inspiration to creative Halloween lovers out there. Check out the videos below.

haunted mansion bathroom DIY makeover
Image: Tiktok @ArielsArts

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