Dix Pour Cent: the end, the guests, the success of the series … Camille Cottin takes stock!

Dix pour cent: the end, the guests, the success of the series... Camille cottin takes stock!

Back for 6 unseen episodes on France 2 since October 21, ASK agents will bow out at the end of this final season. Five years after its creation, the interpreter of Andréa Martel takes stock of the success of the series.

On the occasion of the Canneséries festival which took place a little earlier in October, Camille Cottin, the interpreter of the formidable Andréa Martel in the ASK agency, took stock of the Ten percent adventure, while France 2 is broadcasting tonight two new unpublished episodes of the fourth and final season of the series created by Fanny Herrero.

I admit that I was sad to tell myself that I was not going to find this team. It gave me a little blow“, says the actress. Returning to the success story of Ten percent since its launch on France 2 in 2015, she recalls that the initial bet was a risk-taking for the broadcaster.”There was a small dimension of cinema, but it was still a TV series for France 2 (…) The potential for international release, as it was in the early days of Netflix, was not considered at all.“A bet all the greater since the channel was afraid to offer a series”niche“behind the scenes of the cinema, which risked not speaking to the general public. A doubt quickly swept away by the success of the first seasons.

The producers, the writers … everyone was very happy to see that the universal dimension of the series was palpable.“Including for the guests, some of whom were originally quite reluctant to play with their image.”All those who came did so with greed, self-mockery, and then a little nervousness too! (…) But they all did it with joy and enthusiasm. What was funny was that we wanted them to feel good, and that we felt a bit like welcoming people at home.

Finally, the actress underlines the capacity of the series to have seized on social themes through its gallery of colorful characters to which the public is attached, such as the couple formed by Andréa and Colette (Ophelia Kolb) and their maternity. “The peculiarity of the writing and the DNA of the series is to be entertaining while conveying important messages from a societal point of view. Without being an activist, [elle] gets across important things worth saying.

Ten percent is broadcast on Tuesdays at 9:05 p.m. until November 3 on France 2, and in replay on France.TV.

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