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In “Disorders”, broadcast every Monday on Canal +, a character stands out and makes us die of laughter: Lucy, the heroine’s cleaning lady. But is she played by the real housekeeper of Florence Foresti?

Launched successfully last Monday, since it achieved “the best start for a Canal+ Original Creation after The torch and Valid according to a statement from the channel, the series Orderscreated, produced, and supported by Florence Foresti continues tonight at 9 p.m. with two new episodes.

The opportunity to continue to follow the “true-false life” of the comedian and actress, during the creation of his show Epilogue in 2017. Syndrome of the white page, alternating custody and week without her daughter, evenings between girlfriends, or crush on a man much younger than her, everything goes there, or almost. To the delight of fans of Florence Foresti, who has just returned to the stage with her show Boys Boys Boys.

And if this autofiction is based on the principle of parody which invites itself into reality, Florence Foresti admitted during a press conference organized by Canal + that her ambition was not really to tell herself intimately through the eight episodes of Orders.

“My ambition has never been to say ‘Look at me, get to know me’. I don’t really care. I don’t want people to know me”. But many details still echo the artist’s real life, from the apartment in which the plot takes place to his cleaning lady, who is played by Lucy Ordenacionhis real housekeeper in life.

“I never tell anything about my personal life. Even if everything looks the same”continues Florence Foresti. “The apartment in which we shot is an apartment in which I lived. The cleaning lady is my cleaning lady, it’s Lucy, it’s the real one. The dog is almost mine since he’s my dog’s nephew. It’s nonsense (laughs). Mine, Albert, wasn’t trained enough, so took his nephew. But I needed a dog that looked like to mine, which looks the same. I’m a bit crazy, I have a huge concern for authenticity”.

“But, on the other hand, an artist’s intimacy doesn’t interest me. And mine even less. But, on the other hand, using one’s experience to move towards something more universal, that’s what always guided my work. Afterwards, of course, the series says when things. It’s pretty close to who I am in real life, but it’s only to make people laugh. Or show them that my life is pretty close to theirs and we’re all in the same shit (laughs)”.

Disorders on CANAL does Florence Forestis real housekeeper play

Lucy, a cleaner than life

If we quickly get attached to Béatrice, Julia, and Manue, the three girlfriends of Florence Foresti embodied by Beatrice Faquer, Anouk Feraland Laetitia Vercken, it is indeed the character of Lucy who sparks and stands out from the very first episode of Désordres. A cleaning lady who does not have her tongue in her pocket and who says everything she thinks. Left to make fun (a lot) of his boss. And according to Florence Foresti, Lucy Ordenacion is even worse in life!

“My cleaning lady is even worse than in the series (laughs). The other day, she did the same scene to me as in episode 1. “Madame, you sleep!”. She wakes me up! that 10:30 a.m. is too late to get up (laughs). She’s really like that. She’s the one who inspired the character, and that’s why we didn’t find another one. She has a pretty crazy perspective on things”.

“The character is not at all outrageous”explains Florence Foresti, who ensures that she did not have to exaggerate at all to make Lucy so funny on the screen. “I really asked her one day if this dress made me fat and she said ‘Yes, ma’am. She always makes fun of me. When I get a haircut. When I look bad , she tells me. When I don’t have to dress this way or that way. She’s very honest. I like honest people.”.

But like the very first time in front of the camera for a non-professional actress, Lucy Ordenacion’s first steps as an actress were not easy. “It was very hard for her, she does not want to see herself on screen. She is very modest, it was hard for her to do it, since she is not an actress. And I thank her for that , she had the courage to do it. And she did it out of curiosity and the desire to do it. And I’m afraid that soon she won’t be my housekeeper anymore (laughs)”.

The first four episodes of Désordres are also available on demand on myCANAL.

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