Disney + Star: reinforced parental control, how does it work?

This Tuesday, February 23, Disney + welcomes a whole new world entitled Star with many content intended for an adult audience. To protect the youngest, the platform now offers enhanced parental controls that are easy to configure.

Disney + star: reinforced parental control, how does it work?

Officially announced last December, the new world of Disney + titled Star has finally arrived on the platform this Tuesday, February 23. Much awaited by subscribers, this sixth universe enriches the streaming service’s offering with the addition of more than 40 series, nearly 250 films and exclusive Star Originals first productions. Programs primarily intended for an adult audience, potentially a source of concern for parents. To address their concerns and ensure the safe navigation of the youngest on its platform, Disney has therefore decided to strengthen its parental controls. A new, very easy to configure feature that complements the already existing child profiles!

Configure parental controls

Former or new Disney + subscriber, when you first connect to the platform since the arrival of Star, you are asked if you want to access all the content of this new world. Only profiles 18+ have access to the entire catalog. At the same time, you have the possibility to configure the other already existing profiles according to the recommendations by age (6+, 9+, 12+, 14+, 16+ or 18+). In addition, subscribers can add a PIN code to different profiles to ensure that a child does not connect to an adult profile. This will be requested at each connection.

Disney + star: reinforced parental control, how does it work?

Disney +

Latest innovation: you can also configure child profiles using a security question, which prevents younger children from leaving their profile to connect to yours if that is not protected by a code. You will be asked for your password to validate all your choices.

Thanks to this reinforced parental control, you will therefore have more freedom to configure the profiles of your children according to their age. By default, that is, if you do not validate access to 18+ content during your first connection, your profile will only display 14+ content. These parameters can of course be modified at any time in the “modify profiles” menu.

Go now on the Disney + platform to discover the new Star world in all serenity!

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