Disney + Star: Die Hard, Alien… 5 essential sagas to (re) discover

Disney Star Die Hard Alien… 5 essential sagas to

Action, science fiction, espionage, thrills … Among the recent new arrivals on Disney + on the occasion of the launch of Star, subscribers will be delighted to find five great cinema sagas. There is something for every taste !

Die Hard

From his first muscular and now cult intervention in the tower of Nakatomi Plaza to his most recent clashes with the Russian mafia to avoid the outbreak of a war, the indefatigable John McClane definitely never has a minute to breathe. Iconic hero of action cinema since the release of Crystal Trap in 1988, the police lieutenant camped on the screen by Bruce Willis does not hesitate to resort to surprising methods in the face of increasingly dangerous enemies. His major asset: his characteristic scathing humor that immediately conquered the spectators. Between explosions and derision, find his adventures now on Disney + : Crystal Trap, 58 Minutes to Live, A Day in Hell, Die Hard 4: Return to Hell and Die Hard: Beautiful Day to Die, are available on the platform.

The Planet of the Apes

It was from the imagination of French author Pierre Boulle that the novel La Planète des Singes was born in 1963, at the origin of this unforgettable film franchise. Through the story of three astronauts exploring a distant planet dominated by monkeys of exceptional intelligence, and where humans are considered as wild animals, the writer questions our own society. Only five years after its release, a first film adaptation saw the light of day under the direction of Franklin Schaffner. The success of this film gave rise to several sequels and even two television series. In 2001, Tim Burton set himself the challenge of transcribing this story on the screen. Ten years later, the franchise is truly relaunched with the release of the first installment of a trilogy, The Planet of the Apes: The Origins, which looks at the fate of a particular monkey, Caesar, who would become a leader in the primate rebellion. Thanks to the capture performance, the latter is masterfully embodied by actor Andy Serkis. A memorable service to (re) discover today on Disney +. Franklin Schaffner and Tim Burton films are also available on the platform, as well as Escape from the Planet of the Apes.


A ship, seven men and women, and an encounter with a frightful creature that will haunt onlookers’ nightmares for years to come. Alien, the eighth passenger, the first part of the franchise signed Ridley Scott in 1979, is considered by many to be a true masterpiece of the seventh art. It features the actress Sigourney Weaver, the film’s great revelation, in the role of the unforgettable Ellen Ripley on the poster for the following three opus. Following this feature film combining science fiction and horror, the filmmaker leaves his place behind the camera to renowned directors, James Cameron, David Fincher and Jean-Pierre Jeunet, before taking the reins for the prequels Prometheus and Alien: Covenant. Find the first four films of the cult saga, Alien: Covenant, as well as Alien vs Predator and Alien vs Predator: Requiem on Disney + for a session of great thrills.


In 2015, Taron Egerton donned his bespoke Kingsman suit for the first time to replicate a Colin Firth at the top of his game. In this supercharged feature film by Matthew Vaughn, young Eggsy learns the béaba of the perfect secret agent under the supervision of his father’s former partner. His goal: to officially join the British intelligence elite in a three-piece suit. Explosive, irreverent, delirious… Kingsman: Secret Service blows a breath of fresh air on the genre of spy film with insolent derision, and we want more! Two years later, Matthew Vaughn signs a sequel still faithful to the director’s style. If only these two opus are currently available on Disney +, this is apparently only the beginning of the Kingsman saga. After the realization of a prequel expected this summer in cinemas, the filmmaker seems ready to resume service very soon.

The labyrinth

Ready to lose yourself in the meanders of a mysterious labyrinth alongside a bunch of teenagers whose only memories date back to their arrival in this disconcerting place? When Thomas arrives in his turn, he is determined to unravel the mystery of their presence in this infinite maze. But each night, the plan of the labyrinth changes and the answers seem to move away a little more… Adapted from a series of novels by James Dashner, the trilogy The Labyrinth features a skewer of talented young actors, including Dylan O’Brien in the title role, Kaya Scodelario, Thomas Brodie-Sangster or Will Poulter. Thanks to a frantic pace, the dystopian saga of Wes Ball takes viewers on a thrilling adventure beyond the immense walls of the labyrinth. Be careful not to forget to catch your breath in front of the three parts to (re) see now on Disney +.

Find these five essential sagas on the Disney + platform.