Disney + Star: 5 action movies to see bucket of popcorn in hand

Fancy a popcorn movie? Action? Rhythm? And, why not, with a real purpose behind? Here are five solid action movies from the “Star” section of Disney +!

Twentieth Century Fox

Launched on February 23, the STAR section of the Disney + platform is intended to host the Twentieth Century Fox catalog, but also films produced or co-produced in some cases by Disney subsidiaries, such as Touchstones Studio. Most often, works intended for an adult audience.

Here is a selection of five films stamped “Action” from the Star catalog.

A Day in Hell (1995)

John McClane can never have peace! After freeing a building from the hands of a terrorist and rescuing his wife from a sinking plane, he is grappling with a psychopath who makes him play a murderous “Jacques a dit”. The rules are simple: if he does not solve the puzzles posed, a bomb explodes in a public place. A beautiful day in Hell in perspective …

Third and final installment of the original trilogy of John McClane’s (mis) adventures, which has made a specialty of always being in the wrong place at the wrong time, A day in Hell concludes the cycle in apotheosis, under the auspices of a John McTiernan who still gives the best of himself here.

If behind the scenes the production of the film was not easy, this 3rd opus is rightly considered the best of the saga. Ultra clever scenario, a sprawling New York city filmed like a real character, a magical alchemy in the duo Samuel L. Jackson and Bruce Willis, lines that fuse and hit the mark every time, a nervous and timeless staging dead …

In short, a pure treat ofAct as we no longer do! No matter how well you know the film by heart, it’s always good to stick with your Proust madeleines.

Starship Troopers (1997)

In the 24th century, a muscular Federation, where order and virtue are the watchwords, rules the Earth. But at the edge of the galaxy, an army of arachnids rises up against the human species and threatens it even directly, razing Buenos Aires in a few minutes.

The federation then exhorts the youth to sacrifice and self-sacrifice. Five young people, five volunteers barely out of high school, full of ardor and courage, go on a mission in space to fight the invaders. They are far from suspecting what awaits them …

It is an understatement to say that at the time of its release, the biting and ferocious irony of Paul Verhoeven’s Starship Troopers, its satirical and anti-militarist speech, were not detected by all its spectators, even professionals.

Among the critics, some even mentioned a fascinating film, without noting the treatment applied by Paul Verhoeven to it (and without remembering his temperament as a filmmaker …). The New York Times even spoke a movie “disturbed and horrible”

The sanction was all the more severe since, with a production budget of 105 million dollars, the largest ever available to the filmmaker, Starship Troopers brought only 54 million in the American territory.

With time doing its thing, and word of mouth too, fortunately, Paulo’s film has become absolutely cult. A game of massacre in the form of a gigantic arm of honor from the violent Dutchman. 24 years after its release, the film has not aged a bit, quite the contrary. We are talking for years of a possible remake of the film by Verhoeven. We wish the candidate good luck …

Wings from Hell (1997)

Cameron Poe is a former “ranger” decorated by the US military. He is released from prison after an 8-year sentence for defending his wife during an assault. Aboard the same air convoy as a group of extremely dangerous prisoners transferred to a new prison, he quickly found himself in the midst of an air piracy meticulously prepared by Cyrus Grissom called “the virus”. Helped on the ground by Marshal Vince Larkin, Poe will have to fight to stop Cyrus and his band of savages …

In the series of action films no brain no pain, staring at a bucket of popcorn on his knees, The Wings of Hell sit there. Fans of scriptwriting subtlety will therefore go their way.

On the other hand, for fans of uninhibited and violent action, explosions devastating everything in their path, really nasty villains, and more generally to find the paw of 90’s productions signed Jerry Bruckheimer, a mandatory stop is required!

And what about his cast: a Nicolas Cage who takes pleasure in fighting like a white marcel, hair in the wind (and who has involuntarily become cult), Steve Buscemi, alias “the butcher of Marietta”, an authentic psychopath, John Cusack, John Malkovich as an absolutely brilliant villain, Ving Rhames, Danny Trejo, Dave Chappelle … Hand-sewn for a pleasurable result. To see as a real guilty pleasure.

Volte / Face (1997)

Sean Archer, FBI agent, has only one obsession: to capture Castor Troy, a dangerous terrorist who killed his son in the past. Following his eventful capture, Castor falls into a coma. Archer, thanks to a surgical operation, takes possession of Castor’s face and his identity in order to definitively dismantle the terrorist core. Everything goes wrong when Castor comes out of a coma and takes Archer’s face …

We find again Nicolas Cage in his rich hours, with Volte / Face, released the same year as The wings of hell. Originally, the project was to be more science-fiction oriented and carried by … Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger! If a zest of SF has remained at the bottom of the pot, we have especially switched to a high-level action thriller, directed by a John Woo in better shape than ever.

To tell the truth, it is even the best film of the American period of a filmmaker once at the top, when he signed completely insane HK action films, between Syndicate of the crime and Foolproof. Nicolas Cage and John Travolta, who seems to be jubilant by playing the bad guy, make sparks in front of the master’s camera, who ensures a high-level show.

Predator (1987)

Dutch and his men were sent to Latin America to rescue three guerrilla hostages. Dropped into the jungle, they carry out the first part of their mission without a hitch and are about to fall back when they discover the gutted and excruciatingly mutilated bodies of the three prisoners. They understand that they are not alone and that the being who tracks them comes from another world …

The cult label is often overused, seasoned with just about any sauce. But here, on an ’80s action movie icon like Predator, he deserves a job more than ever.

First collaboration between Arnold schwarzenegger and the director John McTiernan, this absolutely perfect mix of sci-fi / action / horror shot in the middle of the Mexican jungle introduces a creature that has become an emblem of pop culture.

With his special effects impressive for the time, his shootout orgies, his squad of big arms guaranteed 100% macho, each of the replicas of which is known on the fingertips by the fans (“if he can bleed … we can kill him”, “sharpen that”, “I don’t have time to bleed”…), Predator is a monument of the badass movie like we don’t do anymore.

An already distant time that smelled good Actioners populating the shelves of video clubs. But if many of his fellows have fallen in the field of honor, the Predator by John McTiernan absolutely does not show the weight of years.

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