What series will arrive on the Star section of Disney + on February 23? We tell you everything!

Disney + announced last December the upcoming arrival of Star, a new section on its streaming platform. The American giant today unveils the list of productions that will be added to the catalog on February 23, i.e. 250 films and 40 series including 4 “Star Originals” unseen in France, created by the different studios of the group (20th Television / ABC Signature, FX Productions, 20th Century Studios, Searchlight Studios…)

The Originals

Love Victor: Victor, a new student at Creekwood High School, has to adjust to his new life and deal with issues at home. In the midst of questioning his sexual orientation, he decides to turn to Simon, hoping that the latter, who has experienced the same anxieties as him before, will manage to help him navigate the troubled waters of adolescence. This is the sequel to the movie Love, Simon (2017).

Solar Opposites: After having fled their home planet pulverized following a collision with an asteroid, 4 aliens find refuge in a residential area in deep America. From the makers of Rick and Morty.

Helstrom : Children of a mysterious and powerful serial killer and a mother interned for many years, Daimon and Ana Helstrom have not had an easy life. The brother and sister have since taken opposite paths, rubbing shoulders with humanity’s worst rejects, each with their own unique style and skill set. An unexpected event will cause their paths to cross again, to face the approaching Evil… With Tom Austen, seen in The Royals.

Big Sky: Private investigators Cassie Dewell and Cody Hoyt join forces with Jenny Hoyt, ex-cop and ex-wife of Cody, to search for two sisters abducted by a truck driver on a side road in Montana… By the Big Little Lies screenwriter and with notably Ryan Phillippe.

Action series

Action fans will be well served with the arrival on the platform of two big action series from the early 2000s. The opportunity to redo the full 24 hours flat and get back into the heat of the action alongside Sidney Bristow (Jennifer Garner) with Alias.

24 hours chrono (the entire season 1 to 9)

24 Hour Legacy


Burn Notice (the complete season 1 to 7)


On the comedy side, there is something for everyone. Family comedy, horror comedy, medical, animation… You can sing with the Glee choir, die of fear and laugh in front of Scream Queens, discover the identity of “the mother” in How I Met Your Mother and even return to Wisteria Lane to find Gaby and the others.

American Dad (season 1 to 9)

Black-ish (season 1 to 5)

Cougar Town (the complete season 1 to 6)

Desperate Housewives (the complete season 1 to 8)

Devious Maids (the complete season 1 to 4)

Glee (the complete season 1 to 5)

How I Met Your Mother (the complete season 1 to 9)

The Griffins (season 1 to 18)

Modern Family (the complete season 1 to 8)

New Girl (the complete season 1 to 7)

Scream Queens (the complete season 1 and 2)

Scrubs (the complete season 1 to 9)

Ugly Betty (the complete season 1 to 4)

Police series

That the investigators among you rest assured, there will also be some detective series to discover in full on Star.

Bones (full season 1-12)

Castle (the complete season 1 to 8)

Sons of Anarchy (the complete season 1 to 7)

Dramatic series

Star will also offer a mix of older and more recent series such as Feud, one of Ryan Murphy’s latest creations with Jessica Lange and Susan Sarandon. There are also great must-haves like Grey’s Anatomy, Lost and Prison Break.

Brothers & Sisters (the complete season 1 to 5)

Code Black (full season 1 to 3)


Grey’s Anatomy (season 1 to 15)

Lie To Me (the complete season 1 to 3)

Lost the missing (the complete season 1 to 6)

March (full season 1 and 2)

Prison Break (the complete season 1 to 5)

Revenge (the complete season 1 to 4)

Scandal (the complete season 1 to 7)

Fantastic series

Cult series like Buffy and The X-Files join the platform, to the delight of fans, as well as more confidential productions that are still worth a look.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (The Complete)


Sleepy Hollow (the complete season 1 to 4)

Terra Nova

The Strain (complete season 1 to 4)

X-Files (the complete season 1 to 9)

The integration of these new series obviously comes at a price: the subscription will drop from February 23 to € 8.99 per month and € 89.90 per year if you decide to take the plunge at that time. As for those who already have a monthly Disney + account, they will be able to keep their price of € 6.99 for another 6 months. As of August 22, 2021, this will increase to € 8.99. For annual subscriptions renewed before August 22, 2021, the price will remain at € 69.99 for 12 months. Beyond that, the annual subscription will cost 89.90 €.

It should also be noted that parental control will be reinforced with the arrival of the Star section (which is aimed at a more adult audience), “with age classification parameters that are easy to use and profiles protected by a PIN code. “tells us Disney.

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