Disney Plus to Fix the Simpsons Aspect Ratio Issue Soon

Disney Plus to Fix the Simpsons Aspect Ratio Issue Soon

One of the most substantial issues people had surrounding the introduction of the Disney Plus streaming platform is that many older episodes of the Simpsons were in the wrong aspect ratio. Many of the Simpsons episodes were stretched out or cropped the meet the 16:9 aspect ratio used on modern television sets. The problem caused many episodes to look unusual. In some cases, a few visual gags were ruined because they were not easily visible.

Disney announced that it will be fixing the aspect ratio problem. While the company had acknowledged the concern, the company has officially posted a message on Twitter stating that this issue will be resolved.

Disney Plus to Fix the Simpsons Aspect Ratio
Disney Plus to Fix the Simpsons Aspect Ratio

About the Concern

The problem involved entails how many early episodes of the Simpsons were produced in a 4:3 aspect ratio. Disney Plus had the exclusive streaming rights for the show, and it was one of the top marketing points for the service. But fans have been unhappy with how the 4:3 content was adjusted to appear in a 16:9 format that it was not designed to support. The concern has led to many episodes being negatively impacted, especially as the visual layout of the show is often critical to its content.

A massive amount of content is considered to be in the wrong format. The first nineteen seasons of the series and a part of the twentieth season were originally in the 4:3 format. The show switched to the 16:9 layout midway through the twentieth season, and it has stayed there since.

The issue was a problem with many fans, especially those who prefer the older episodes of the Simpsons over newer ones. Advertisements for Disney Plus have even shown highlights of episodes of the Simpsons that have been harmed by the aspect ratio problem.

The General Plan

Disney Plus is planning on adjusting and adapting the older Simpsons episodes to where they will be easier to watch in the future. The goal is to have the Simpsons episodes available to view by the end of May.

The new feature would allow the user to select the specific aspect ratio they want to watch the show in. While the 16:9 layout will be available, users will also have the option to watch in the original 4:3 format.

Working For Almost All Episodes

The upcoming change on Disney Plus will ensure that all episodes of the Simpsons will be as easy to watch as they were when they first premiered. Almost every part of the series run is available on Disney Plus. The service even has a New York-based episode that heavily entails the World Trade Center complex that has not been on regular syndication in many areas.

There is one episode that will still not appear on the streaming service. An early episode that featured a guest appearance from Michael Jackson is not on the service. The show’s producers removed that episode from all platforms out of concern over recent allegations surrounding Jackson. The episode is only accessible on the original DVD set that it appears.

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