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Disney Plus : 10 films qui rendent nostalgique des années 80

In this period of confinement, escape by going back to the 80s! From “Tron” to “Willow” through “Rox and Rouky”, the Editing of AlloCiné offers you its selection of 10 films that will make you nostalgic about Disney Plus.

Disney +

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TRON (1982)

From 10 years old

In the 80s, a decade when the first home consoles were gradually emerging, it was digital travel that the public dreamed of! What could be better, then, than a little trip inside a computer program? It is precisely the fate that awaits Flynn, designer of video games, suddenly propelled in the circuits of a supercomputer. Even if some of his sequences will undoubtedly have gotten a bit old in 2020, Tron remains a real UFO of his time, in which he represented a real technological feat. Today, his digital motorcycle races and his slightly mocking computer graphics still smell like the 80s!

CHÉRIE, J’shrinked the kids (1989)

From 6 years old

After visiting the circuits of a computer, why not miniaturize yourself again to explore your own garden? Produced at the end of the 80s (even if it came out here in 1990), Honey, I shrunk the kids is a real Proust madeleine. Like a Mom, I missed the plane or a Sister Act (also available on Disney +), it allows us to travel far beyond its formidable concept (a scientist a little crossed out reduces his children the size of a grain of rice) and summon the magic of an era. The one where Rick Moranis was still a leading actor, where we still left Lego lying around in the garden, where we still ate a bowl of Cheerios at breakfast.


From 6 years old

Considered as the darkest animated feature of Disney studios, Taram and the magic cauldron is a real curiosity, and could awaken in you memories of a little worried spectators. Adapted from a series of novels fantasy, this atypical film in the career of studios with big ears is a bit of a forgotten Disney, and may be an opportunity to supplement your knowledge. If however you consider the young Taram’s quest against the Dark Lord a little too frightening for your children, we would rather recommend the following feature film …


From 6 years old

What if Sherlock Holmes was a mouse? It is with this particularly original concept that Disney offers us one of its most successful films of the 80s: a hectic investigation in rodent height, from the gutters of London to the needles of Big Ben for a technically stunning final sequence. Basil, private detective is a little nugget full of nostalgia which is also offered to us by a famous duo of directors who are still beginners. Future legends John Musker and Ron Clements, who are about to sign The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Pocahontas, or Vaiana. Just that.


From 3 years

Fans of Croc-Blanc or The Incredible Journey, this new journey in the wilderness of the American West is for you. Natty Gann follows the adventures of a young girl determined to cross the United States to find her father in America in the 1930s. Unknown and moving, this Disney live-action remains above all memorable for the story of friendship that little Natty shares with her traveling companion: an adorable wolf named Harry.

SPLASH (1984)

From 6 years old

A nostalgic return to the early 80s with Splash, a modernized and romantic fairy tale in which a young New York man falls in love … with a mermaid. Today kitsch and vintage at will, this little gem of the time notably marks the cinema debut of several legends: Daryl Hannah in the role of Madison, Ron Howard behind the camera, signing one of his first feature films in as a director, and of course a very young Tom Hanks whose nascent career is about to explode.

WILLOW (1988)

From 10 years old

Another cult film by Ron Howard, Willow is simply one of the great classics of the genre, and for many former children of the 80s, a first gateway to the magical world ofheroic fantasy. We follow the adventures of a young Nelwyn (Warwick Davis) and a mercenary named Madmartigan (Val Kilmer) trying to protect Princess Elora from the evil Queen Bavmorda. Beyond the entertainment it brings, this fantastic canvas embroidered by the legendary imagination of George Lucas is above all an excellent witness to the magic that reigned in the 80s.


From 10 years old

Perhaps you simply did not know that the classic of the popular French comedy Three men and a basket directed by Coline Serreau in 1985 had been entitled to an American remake two years later. And maybe you didn’t know that this American remake (Three men and a baby) was signed by Leonard Nimoy, alias Monsieur Spock from the Star Trek saga. Let us add that in the casting of this film, we find in particular Tom Selleck, Ted Danson and Steve Guttenberg. So there are enough good reasons to arouse your curiosity.


From 6 years old

If the Disney studios released relatively few animated feature films during the 80s (when we compare to the fireworks of the following decade), they still released a few small masterpieces, today still recognized as classics of the enchanted kingdom. Rox and Rouky, whom we will have no trouble presenting as the most beautiful and moving Disney of its generation, tells the touching story of friendship between a dog and a fox, two animals that were born to confront each other. We warn you anyway: this film contains one of the saddest scenes ever produced by the studio. Plan for handkerchiefs!


From 12 years old

Admittedly, this particularly crazy episode of the Marvel Cinematic Universe did not come out in the 80s. But if we wanted to include it in this Top, it is because it does not cease to refer to this decade, in which grew up his hero Peter Quill. Kidnapped by aliens in 1988, the one who now calls himself Star-Lord does not actually have as last memory of his native land that time, punctuated by the many pop tubs that his mother made him listen to, and which still resonate nostalgically in the cabin of his good old vessel.

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