Disney Meets Doctor Who: Epic Crossover Cosplay with Classic Villains Reimagined

Disney Classic Reimagined With Doctor Who Villains In Crossover Cosplay


Disney Meets Doctor Who – Epic Crossover with Classic Villains, Reimagined

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  • Cosplays that combine Belle and the Beast, Dalek and Cybermen technology and Doctor Who are stunning.
  • Daleks and Cybermen have been the Time Lords’ most well-known enemies throughout Doctor Who.
  • Thats.so.cosplay’s Dalek & Cybermen Disney mashup pays homage to these two classic franchises with its detailed costumes, and innovative clothing.

Belle and the Beast are radically reimagined and combined with advanced Dalek and Cybermen technology in stunning Doctor Who and Disney cross-over cosplays. Disney’s 1991 animated classic Beauty and the Beastfollows the encounter between a smart girl and a cursed Prince. “A Tale Old as Time“, on the other hand, has been one of the most successful movies for the company. William Hartnell played the First Doctor in the 1960s. The Daleks, Cybermen and other Time Lords were his most famous enemies. They have terrorized subsequent Doctors.

Disney Classic Reimagined With Doctor Who Villains In Crossover Cosplay
Disney Meets Doctor Who

Thats.so.cosplay has created a terrifying pair of aliens to go with one of Doctor Who’s most iconic couples.

In photos taken by carlosmphotos.cosplay, a Cybus Cyberman takes on the role of the Beast, while Belle’s dress is augmented with Dalek casing details. The costumes were beautifully crafted with Cybermen leg armor and Dalek eyestalks integrated in the suits and gowns.

Each time the Daleks and Cybermen have crossed paths in Doctor Who

The first time the Daleks and Cybermen crossed paths was in 2006, during the season two two-part “Army of Ghosts/Doomsday”. The Cult Of Skaro, a clandestine Dalek organization, emerged out of a Void Ship in the middle of Cybus Industries Cybermen invasion of Earth with an army of Daleks imprisoned, and ready to destroy the human race. Both races clashed in London, leading to a bloody battle until David Tennant (the Tenth Doctor) sent them into the void.

Both races came together in the later Doctor Whoseasons to overcome their biggest enemies. The Cybermen and the Dalek Paradigm were able, in “The Pandorica Opens”, to work together to capture the Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith. In “The Power of the Doctor”, the two empires again joined forces with Sacha Dhawan as Master to create a plot that was mutually beneficial. The plan involved destroying the legacy of the Thirteenth Doctor (Jodie Whitaker).

The Dalek/Cybermen Disney mashup by thats.so.cosplay is an amazing marriage of the two franchises, even though their relationship in-universe has changed constantly. Each outfit features a variety of small details, which turn each Doctor Who antagonist’s iconography into innovative clothing. While both villains may be absent from the specials celebrating 60 years of Doctor Who, they could return to the rebranded Doctor Whoseason 1. The duo’s cosplay pays homage to the two Doctor Who’s most enduring enemies.

Max offers Doctor Who Seasons 1-13, which includes the Doctor’s encounters with the Daleks and Cybermen. Disney+ has Beauty and the Beast.

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