Disney +: Lisa Simpson, Belle… 7 characters who love to read

Disney +: Lisa Simpson, Belle… 7 characters who love to read

This April 23, 2021, we are celebrating World Book Day! The perfect opportunity to take a look at these fictional characters who love to read a book. Belle, Lisa Simpson, John Keating … Who are the biggest readers on the Disney + platform?

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Beauty – Beauty and the Beast

Of all the Disney princesses, the heroine of Beauty and the Beast is without hesitation the one who prefers literature. She devours the books at an impressive speed, able to borrow one to return it the next day to the bookseller in her village.

As she reveals in one of the iconic pieces of the animated film, her interest is mainly in swashbuckling novels, full of magic and bewitched princes. This seems familiar to us… Find now on Disney + this princess always immersed in the pages of her favorite works.

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Liesel – The Book Thief

In the film adaptation of Markus Zusak’s novel, the young Liesel Meminger is very quickly fascinated by books, and this even before she can read. On the way to join her host family, the little girl steals a first unusual book, The Gravedigger’s Manual.

As the action unfolds in WWII Germany, where scores of books are censored and banned by the government, Liesel’s obsession with reading will become a real escape. Discover her story now in The Book Thief.

Flora – Flora & Ulysses

With a writer mother specializing in romance novels and a father who wrote unpublished comics, young Flora is unsurprisingly a child with a boundless imagination. Much to the dismay of the premiere, it is not the romantic works of Jane Austen that the girl is passionate about, but the comics full of superheroes. In particular Incandesto, a character created by his father.

When a squirrel with superpowers worthy of the stories she loves so much appears in her life, the little girl prepares for an unforgettable adventure. Discover Flora & Ulysse on Disney +.

Milo Thatch – Atlantis, the lost empire

For the expert in cartography and linguistics that is Milo Thatch in Atlantis, the lost empire, literature is not only a simple passion but also an essential tool for his research. In order to discover the truth about the mysterious sunken city, the specialist immerses himself in reading the famous Manuscript of the Shepherd handed over by his grandfather.

He also took with him an impressive amount of books during his submarine expedition in search of Atlantis. Find this great enthusiast today on the Disney + platform.

Screenshot / Disney +

Lisa Simpson – The Simpsons

In the Simpson family, we would like … Lisa, the youngest of the siblings and the intellectual asset of the most famous family of the small screen. One of this brilliant little girl’s favorite pastimes: reading, of course.

This center of interest has thus allowed a few renowned authors to go through the series: JK Rowling, Stephen King, Tom Clancy, Tom Wolfe or even the great manitou of Marvel comics, Stan Lee. What beautiful people for the greatest pleasure of the young girl, who sometimes has a hard time putting up with the absurdities of her family in the series The Simpsons.

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Alice – Alice in Wonderland

Thoughtful Alice also loves books, but prefers them with pretty pictures. So much so that in her world of her own, there would be no book without illustrations. While her sister recites a history lesson to her, the little girl falls asleep giving free rein to her imagination, heading to the famous Wonderland.

A whimsical adventure told in the famous novel by Lewis Carroll, adapted in the animated film Alice in Wonderland in 1951.

Screenshot / Disney +

John Keating – The Circle of Missing Poets

Free thinker John Keating is one of those teachers who leaves an indelible mark on his students through teaching methods considered unconventional. Specialized in literature, the educator brilliantly embodied by the unforgettable Robin Williams does not hesitate to break the codes to develop the critical spirit of his students.

Founding member of the famous Circle of Missing Poets, the professor is also a lover of poetry and theater. (Re) discover now this cult figure of cinema in Le Cercle des poètes disparus.

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