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Rather unknown to us in France, the sitcom Philadelphia is quite simply cult across the Atlantic. Thanks to the availability of the first 15 seasons on Disney +, it’s time to discover this comedy that is not shy!


Among the very long list of cult American sitcoms, not all have had the pleasure of quickly becoming essentials in France. This is particularly the case of the series Philadelphia (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia in original version), long gone unnoticed by us, except for fine connoisseurs.

The first 15 seasons are now available on Disney+it’s the perfect opportunity for French viewers to take a look at this irreverent comedy, which follows a gang of pals who own a seedy Irish bar in Philadelphia, all selfish and downright despicable.

And if Philadelphia was very nearly canceled at the end of its 1st season for lack of audience, before being saved largely thanks to the arrival of Danny DeVito in the cast, it is today the sitcom the most long in the history of American television. Just that !

Indeed, while its 16th season is currently being filmed, the series has already been renewed for seasons 17 and 18, thus taking the lead ahead of the sitcom The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet (14 seasons, from 1952 to 1966).


Launched in August 2005 on American television, Philadelphia won over audiences with its provocative and politically incorrect tone. Camped by Charlie Day, Rob McElhenney, Glenn Howerton and Kaitlin Olson, the four friends have nothing of the usual series characters to which one attaches and identifies easily.

Self-centered, lazy, dishonest, miserly… Charlie, Mac, Dennis and Dee, joined in the 2nd season by Frank (Danny DeVito), are ready for anything in all circumstances, and rarely think twice about it.

The sitcom tackles many controversial subjects, however taboo they may be, and does not hesitate to push the slider to extremes: racism, firearms, underage drinking or again abortion, to name only the themes of the 1st season.


After more than 17 years on screen, his dark humor and cynicism still seem to amuse viewers as much, as evidenced by his impressive longevity. If you’re curious, head over to Disney+ to follow the misadventures of the famous Paddy’s gang in the Philadelphia series!

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