Disney +: Clouds, Up there… 5 moving films to (re) discover on the platform – Actus Ciné

Disney +: Clouds, Up there… 5 moving films to (re) discover on the platform – Actus Ciné

Known for its cheerful and optimistic films, the big-eared firm also knows how to move viewers through poignant stories. From the recent Clouds to the poetic Up there, here are 5 moving films to (re) see on Disney +.


Posted on October 16, the most recent Disney + Original film accurately and emotionally tells the tragic story of American artist Zach Sobiech, who died in May 2013 of bone cancer. A few months before his death, the teenager made himself known thanks to his title Clouds, a farewell song dedicated to his loved ones, downloaded and listened to more than 200 million times to date. In this touching feature film, inspired by the memoirs written by his mother Laura Sobiech under the title Fly a Little Higher, Justin Baldoni pays tribute to this musician with a broken fate, whom he had personally met during the making of the documentary My Last Days. Despite the sadness of the theme, Clouds presents itself above all as an ode to life with a powerful message: don’t wait for tomorrow, live today.

Up there

Released in French theaters in the summer of 2009, the animated film Up there opens with a memorable introductory sequence retracing the love story of Carl Fredricksen and his partner Ellie. Difficult, if not impossible, to hold back tears as you discover the ups and downs of these touching characters. Devastated by the disappearance of his beloved, and now 78 years old, the grumpy old man decides to fly to the wilds of South America by tying thousands of balloons to his house. But he’s not alone on board, and optimist Scout Russell will keep him company throughout this unforgettable adventure. A feature film that is both touching and funny, whose poetic history will leave no one indifferent.

In Enzo’s eyes

It is through the singular gaze of the golden retriever Enzo that the spectators are immersed in the life of the mile-per-hour of racing driver Denny Swift, played by Milo Ventimiglia, in this family drama by Simon Curtis (My Week with Marilyn) . An original and often funny point of view which allows to alleviate the hard tests which come to go through the owners of this endearing ball of fur. In joys as in sorrows, this dog like no other stands beside his master, bringing him comfort and support. Prepare your handkerchiefs, some poignant sequences will not fail to move you to tears in front of In the eyes of Enzo.


If the refrain of La Chanson de la Pluie puts sun in the heart, the animated film from which this piece is drawn unfortunately marked the minds of viewers for a completely different reason. Among the many Disney classics, the feature film Bambi, which follows the first steps of an adorable fawn over the four seasons, has moved young and old alike since its release in France in 1947. Amazed by the world around it, the touching Bambi will nevertheless quickly have to face the harsh reality of life, especially for the wild animals of the forest, when his mother is shot by a hunter. This moving masterpiece is to (re) discover on Disney +.

The last song

Once in love with the city, Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth were also onscreen in the very moving The Last Song, released in 2010. A film adapted from a novel by Nicholas Sparks, an author renowned for his sometimes tragic romantic stories . The feature film follows the capricious and rebellious Ronny as she goes through a difficult time since her parents’ divorce. For the summer holidays, the young girl reluctantly joins her father in his house by the sea, where she meets the popular Will Blakelee. But a sad event will turn Ronny’s life upside down …

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