Disney at Christmas: 5 films that take place during the holiday season

Just before celebrating Christmas, (re) discover 5 Disney films that take place around December 25.

Walt Disney Animation Studios


Directly released on video in the early 2000s, this short film made up of three short films is the ideal program to watch with the family on Christmas Eve. Carried by the most famous characters of the Disney universe, in the service of touching little stories, he brilliantly manages to combine the magic of the end of the year holidays with that of the enchanted studio.

On the menu for this New Year’s Eve meal, the Disney studios have prepared for you:

  • a father / son duo between Goofy and Max, while the latter expresses some doubts about the coming of Santa Claus
  • a lovely romance between Mickey and Minnie, both of whom seek to treat each other with the best of gifts


Walt disney pictures

After accidentally causing the death of Santa Claus and agreeing to replace him on his annual tour, Scott Calvin (Tim Allen) sees his daily life totally turned upside down overnight. How to explain this sudden weight gain? And that white beard that struggles to grow back on his face every morning? Predictable but reassuring, Super Noël is the end-of-year comedy that we love to rediscover by the fireside, under a plaid, while waiting for the passage of the big bearded man.

If you ever liked Super Christmas, the first of the name, know that its two suites (still worn by Tim Allen) are also available on Disney +. To extend your evening, you can discover Hyper Christmas, in which Santa Claus is to get married, and Super Christmas 3: Mega Frost, in which he meets the Sandman, the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny.


Walt Disney Animation Studios

Everyone knows the illustrious Christmas song signed by the great Charles Dickens in 1843. But many are those who discovered it in the 80s, thanks to this medium-length film produced by the Disney studios and broadcast in American theaters, in the first part of The Adventures of Bernard and Bianca.

In this little 26-minute film, which marks Mickey’s big comeback on the screen, it is obviously the cantankerous and greedy Scrooge who takes over the role of Ebenezer Scrooge (a character whose name he also shares in the States -United). His nephew Fred Honeywell is “played” by Donald, and his employee Bob Cratchitt by Mickey. As for the famous ghosts of Christmas past, present and future, they take for the occasion the features of Goofy, the giant Willie and Pat Hibulaire.

Memorable adaptation of Dickens’ work – even if at times a little frightening for the smallest spectators – Mickey’s Christmas is a classic to be (re) discovered urgently. You can also complete it with Christmas at the Muppets and Scrooge’s Funny Christmas, which also brilliantly revisits the story of dear Ebenezer.


Touchstone Pictures

Perhaps a little less anchored in the spirit of Christmas than the other feature films on this list, this magical and gothic tale imagined by Tim Burton and directed by Henry Selick offers us all the same a bewitching journey to the borders of our country. imaginary.

We follow the adventure of Jack Skellington, king of pumpkins and Halloween country, in a rather sinister and gloomy mood. Tired of the macabre atmosphere in which he has always lived, the scarecrow decides to go and see if the grass is greener on the other side of the fence, and to go visit the country … of Christmas . Cradled by the enchanting soundtrack of Danny Elfman (who lends his voice to the main character in the original version), The Nightmare Before Christmas is an animation staple!


Walt disney pictures

True Lord of the Rings for children, which was also signed by the illustrious CS Lewis (great friend of JRR Tolkien), Narnia was finally entitled to an adaptation on the big screen in 2005, right during the holiday season. Produced by Disney Studios, this first installment explores the most famous episode of Lewis’s work, where four children hide in a strange wardrobe and suddenly find themselves propelled into the magical world of Narnia.

This snowy world, subject to a sinister spell that prevents spring from returning, is ruled by the evil White Witch. In their quest to prepare the return of Aslan – the only person capable of defeating the tyranny of the usurper – Peter, Lucy, Edmund and Susan will meet Santa Claus in particular. The gifts he will give them will be of great help to them in the great battle on which the liberation of the people of Narnia will depend.

Carried by epic action sequences and a magnificent soundtrack by Harry Gregson-Williams, this feature rich in evocative symbols also exudes a sweet scent of Christmas.

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