Disney +: Aladdin 3, Mulan 2, Cinderella 3 … 10 unrecognized suites of great classics to see on the platform – Cinema News

Disney +: Aladdin 3, Mulan 2, Cinderella 3 … 10 unrecognized suites of great classics to see on the platform – Cinema News

Impossible to forget the Disney classics that rocked the childhood of many spectators. Some films have even had sequels. A look back at some of them, the most overlooked, all available on Disney +.

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Aladdin and the King of Thieves (1996)

After The Return of Jafar, Disney’s first direct direct-to-DVD, Aladdin was entitled to a third installment in 1996 called Aladdin and the King of Thieves. Prince Ali is finally preparing his marriage to Jasmine in Agrabah but the ceremony is interrupted by Cassim and his forty thieves. They plunder the palace hoping to find a mysterious treasure, the hand of Midas. To protect Agrabah and its inhabitants, Aladdin goes on an adventure with Iago, Abu and the genie to put an end to the thieves’ actions. The young man will make terrible discoveries and meet his father who he thought was missing. This new installment in the adventures of Aladdin is inspired byAli Baba and the Forty Thieves, tale of Thousand and one Night and deepens the character while addressing the concepts of values, fatherhood and redemption.

The Magic World of Beauty and the Beast (1998)

After Beauty and the Beast, the first animated feature to receive an Oscar nomination for best film, and its sequel, The Magic World of Beauty and the Beast is a different opus because it brings together four short stories. During these last, we follow, among other things, the fate of a red throat collected by Belle, a quarrel between Lumière and Plumette, or the questioning of Madame Samovar. First thought to create a television series, these little fables are an opportunity to find the castle of the Beast and to follow more closely the many characters who live there.

The Hunchback of Notre-Dame 2: The Secret of Quasimodo (2002)

How to forget The Hunchback of Notre-Dame, another success of the Disney studios which had adapted the masterpiece of Victor Hugo? In his suite, entitled Le Secret de Quasimodo, we find the famous bell ringer who is now accepted and loved by all. His faithful friends, Esmeralda and Phoebus, gave birth to a child, the young Zephyr, who became Quasimodo’s confidant. However, the latter will be threatened again when a sinister magician comes to steal La Fidèle, a bell that contains many precious stones. This new album will allow fans of the first film to rediscover the universe they love so much and discover new songs, such as the beautiful title I imagine.

Mulan 2: The Emperor’s Mission (2004)

After having fought the terrifying chief of the Huns, Shan-Yu, and his army in the first film, Mulan returns in the sequel which is dedicated to him with a new perilous mission: escort the three daughters of the Emperor so that they can marry. These unions are unfortunately not gestures of love, but political acts in order to protect China from a possible enemy attack. This film is the opportunity to discover new endearing characters, but also to tackle strong subjects such as the condition of women during this time, when many were subjected to forced marriages. For information, a live-action version of Mulan will hit French screens this year.

Kuzco 2 – King Kronk (2005)

This sequel to Kuzco, the megalo emperor, centers on the character of Kronk, the former accomplice of Yzma. Converted into a chef in the best restaurant in the area, Kronk has everything to be happy except a home with a wife and children. When he learns that his father wants to visit him, he panics because he apprehends his reaction. Poor Kronk tries to find a solution to please his father. Obviously, Kuzco and Yzma will put their grain of salt there. This sequel, titled King Kronk, takes all the groovy ingredients of the first album and pleases fans of Kronk, a funny and engaging character.

Tarzan II (2005)

Tarzan II traces the youth of the monkey man and takes place during the time ellipse of the original film when Tarzan passes from baby to adulthood. This second opus sets out to tell the story of Tarzan learning in the midst of his adoptive family, a tribe of animals who will challenge and test him. The young man will understand that it is necessary to make his difference a force and will succeed in finding a place within his tribe. More than an action movie, Tarzan II plays the emotional card by addressing the themes of family, responsibilities and sharing.

Bambi 2 (2006)

Sixty-four years after the release of the first film, Bambi 2 marked the return of the famous Disney fawn to the screens. This new chapter is a somewhat special continuation since it takes place during the events of the previous opus. She recalls the adventures and learning of the hero between his young years and his adulthood. After the death of his mother – a moment that moved millions of spectators -, Bambi will have to face his fears to impress his father, the Great Prince of the Forest. The fawn is, fortunately, always accompanied by its faithful friends to support it, like Pan-Pan, Féline or even Fleur. Nice lesson in courage, Bambi 2 does not lack, like its predecessor, of emotion and humor to fill the whole family. A new version of the classic in live action is already in preparation.

Rox and Rouky 2 (2006)

The unique friendship that links Rox and Rouky continues with this sequel, released directly on video. In this film, Rox is spotted by Cash, the leader of a musical troop of stray dogs who performs at the village fun fair. When the leader asks Rox to replace the star of the group, the fox embarks on the adventure to realize his dream, leaving his side his precious friend. Like the classic from the 80s, Rox and Rouky 2 deliver a good moral on the power of friendship and the importance of never forgetting those who have always been faithful to you.

Cinderella 3: The Cinderella Spell (2007)

After Cinderella and Cinderella 2: a princess life, a third part comes out live-to-dvd entitled Le Sortilège de Cendrillon. Cinderella spins perfect love with her prince charming and celebrates their first year of marriage with Fairy Godmother. The whole kingdom is invited, even the wicked Cinderella family. Always so jealous, Anastasie, one of her half-sisters, steals the magic wand of the good fairy and gives it to her mother to cast an evil spell which will take them back in time, where it all started… C ” is finally in Anastasie that the glass slipper suits and it is she who will marry the prince. Cinderella will have to do everything to recover her life as a princess. This third installment of Cinderella’s adventures allows you to relive this nostalgic story with the original and spicy point of view of the wicked.

The Little Mermaid 3: The Secret of the Little Mermaid (2008)

After The Little Mermaid 2: Back to the Ocean, which tells of the joys of Ariel’s motherhood, a prequel to the original story comes out live-to-DVD. The Secret of the Little Mermaid tells the story of Ariel’s emancipation from the ocean world and her first adolescent rebellions against her father, King Triton. The latter banned music in his kingdom following the death of his wife, Queen Athena. Passionate about music and curious about the human world, Ariel will do everything to rehabilitate her favorite melodies within her aquatic world. This prequel is an opportunity to review all the cult characters from the world of the Little Mermaid and to discover more deeply the kingdom of Ariel and her family.

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