Disney +: after The Beatles Get Back, three other documentaries for music fans – …

Disney +: after the beatles get back, three other documentaries for music fans -...

While the filmmaker Peter Jackson has just unveiled his docu-series The Beatles: Get Back on Disney +, discover three other documentaries on the platform to dive into a universe that still fascinates the public: the music scene!

January 1969. Twickenham Studios. John, Paul, George and Ringo rehearse for a variety show that will eventually be canceled. The four Liverpool artists are revealed like never before in The Beatles: Get Back, a three-part documentary series by director Peter Jackson, fan of the legendary group, to discover on Disney +.

From the rushes of the film Let It Be captured by Michael Lindsay-Hogg, nearly 60 hours of unseen footage and more than 150 hours of audio recordings, the renowned filmmaker invites viewers to discover a new facet of the emblematic quartet. , less polite, more honest. “A more developed version, which will show who they really are,” according to him.

As the group gets down to writing and rehearsing 14 new songs, initially intended to be released on a live album, the public attends these almost intimate scenes that highlight the group’s complicity and creative genius, like the discrepancies between its members.

Passionate about music? Here are three other documentaries that you might like on the platform.


That same year, in the summer of 69, on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, the Harlem Cultural Festival is in full swing in the alleys of Mount Morris Park in New York. A musical event of exceptional magnitude, bringing together Stevie Wonder, Nina Simone and many other artists, which will unfortunately quickly sink into oblivion.

More than fifty years after this joyous celebration of African-American music and culture, musician and director Ahmir Thompson, aka Questlove, invites viewers to relive these incredible performances in the documentary Summer of Soul. Through his work and the various testimonies that enrich it, the artist also brings an enlightened look at the social and political context of the time.


If Beatles fans are already spoiled by the release of the Peter Jackson documentary, those who missed it can also (re) discover the series dedicated to the career of the legendary Paul McCartney on Disney +. A long, intimate discussion with producer Rick Rubin, complemented by archival footage, McCartney 3,2,1 paints a fascinating portrait of this outstanding artist.

His creative methods, his musical influences, his personal commitments, as well as the secrets behind some of the greatest hits of the Beatles … Paul McCartney delivers himself with sincerity in these six episodes which will delight the admirers of this trendy boy who marked the memories !


Change of register with the captivating documentary devoted to Robert and Richard Sherman. If their name doesn’t ring a bell, their music rocked the childhood of many of us. Authors and composers on the films Merlin the Enchanter, Mary Poppins, The Jungle Book and The Aristocats, we also owe them the heady ritornello It’s a Small World which continues today to the attraction of the same name of the Disney parks.

Behind the scenes, the story is quite different. While their successful professional relationship suggests the best, tensions between the brothers are such that the two have no contact in private. A family conflict that has, it seems, not tainted the relationship between their respective sons, Jeffrey and Gregory Sherman, who sign the film The Boys: the story of the Sherman brothers, to see on the Disney + platform.

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