Disney +: 5 animated nuggets in short format to discover – Cinema News

Disney+ : 5 pépites animées au format court à découvrir

Disney +: 5 animated nuggets in short format to discover – Cinema News

Available on Disney + since April 7, discover the “Disney Short Films” series made up of 14 animated short films more original and inventive than each other. We recommend our 5 favorites …

Disney +

What if we told you that in less than 45 minutes, you can have finished binge-watcher season 1 of a new series in its entirety? An inventive, creative, original and high-quality season, what’s more?

Composed of 14 episodes (approximately 3 minutes each, intro and end credits included), Disney Short Films give voice to the animators of the studios with big ears. Through short but deep stories, often very personal, these artists are invited to innovate technically and scriptually, to test new styles of animation, to take unprecedented risks.

A bit like the little masterpieces that have often been shown in theaters, in the first part of Disney or Pixar films, the short films of this new series offer 14 different points of view, 14 original stories, 14 multiple ways of making animation. Just to make your mouth water, here are 5 that particularly caught our attention …


Directed by Kendra Vander Vliet

Inspired by downtown Los Angeles where the director lives and by the colorful graffiti walls that surround her, this short film is above all a tribute to street art and city life. A rhythmic and frenetic walk where each step forward contributes to color the dreary buildings of Downtown. Until you can wander the streets of your own city again, this animated roller coaster will undoubtedly be a breath of fresh air.

Disney +


Directed by Brian Menz

Real animated little comic during which your screen will literally turn into a page of newspaper, Just a thought visually fits in a style comparable to that of Peanuts, but is close to a Vice Versa in terms of depth. In a very simple and very refined way, this little film full of tenderness tells of the misadventures of a young schoolboy in love, and whose thoughts are visible to everyone inside a bubble. A whole program for a short film of just 3 minutes …

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Jeff Gipson

Developed using a virtual reality headset, Cycle of life is without a doubt the most upsetting of the 14 short films offered in the series. It was inspired by its director by his grandmother, and more precisely by the memory of the day when she had to leave her house to go and live in a nursing home. The result: the story of this house, this grandmother, this family, in sequence and backwards, all lulled by an air of guitar that tenderly interprets the filmmaker’s mother. A succession of snapshots of life, like photos from a large family album, that time has not been able to erase. A bit like an inverted variant of the first minutes of Up, which you will have to explore yourself to capture all the emotion …

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Directed by Trent Correy

What happens to a Rain drop when it falls from the sky? It is this very simple but full of possibilities question that tries to answer the short film of Trent Correy. Mix between traditional animation and CGI, between cartoon and realism, this little film in the tradition of the Blue Umbrella or Piper will make you fall from a cloud, tumble down a gutter, land on a car windshield, swim in a puddle of water, in short, travel on your sofa!

Disney +


Directed by Brian Scott

In line with the two animated jewels Paperman and Le Festin (also produced by Disney studios), this short film also flirts between hand drawing and computer animation, thus giving the viewer the impression that an artist is come to paint over the computer graphics. Again very personal since it is inspired by a childhood memory of its director, An elephant at home tells the story of a baby elephant lost and taken in by a banana plantation. Halfway between Dumbo and The Jungle Book, and very impressive from a technical point of view, this film is a pure concentrate of Disney!

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