Discovering Leeds in 24 Hours: The Best Experiences to Be Had with Only One Day

Leeds is one of the United Kingdom´s most popular northern cities for a variety of reasons. The capital of Yorkshire has everything that both locals and tourists could possibly need including an abundance of green spaces, opportunities for entertainment, historic buildings, museums, and plenty of shopping.

Below we have outlined some of the best experiences to be had in the city centre of Leeds and just outside the inner city limits. Even with just one day to explore it all, it’s sure to be a trip to remember.

Enjoy Some Fresh Air at Roundhay Park

To kick off your day, why not spend some time walking around, enjoying nature and all of its beauty in Roundhay Park? Consisting of over 700 acres, this space has earned the right to be called one of Europe’s largest parks. People seem to love it too, because Roundhay sees nearly one million visitors each year.

And that’s before we even mention that inside the park’s perimeter there is a zoo area called ‘Tropical World’ which houses a variety of gardens and wildlife animals like meerkats, monkeys, butterflies, and more. There’s also a park train which you can hop on to explore different parts of the park. Clearly, this is an outdoor experience not to be missed.

Discovering Leeds
Discovering Leeds

Get your Game on at the Victoria Gate Casino

After you’ve had a relaxing morning strolling through the grass at Roundhay and admiring earth’s creatures, head to the city centre to visit one of Leeds’ newest gaming establishments, the Victoria Gate Casino. Since its opening in 2016, the facility has brought a vibrant and exciting atmosphere to Leeds that both residents and tourists greatly appreciate.

Now recognized as the third-largest casino in the U.K., the Victoria Gate features some of the most popular titles. Players will find many classic casino games, including some of the online platform favorites, like roulette, which is available in the American and French versions, baccarat, a game characterized for its fast style, and blackjack, in which players play against the dealer. There are also sports betting terminals and 140 slot machines with different themes for guests to check out.

Visit the Historic Leeds Corn Exchange

Just a quick five-minute walk north of the modern Victoria Gate Casino you can find the historic Leeds Corn Exchange. First opened all the way back in 1864, the building is an important landmark in the city and a symbol of impressive Victorian architecture. Its interior is perhaps the most stunning feature of all, with a tall, dome-like roof made of a timber, glass, and iron.

Nowadays, visitors can walk through the Corn Exchange and browse through a variety of antique shops and little boutiques where vendors sell homemade goods and other unique products. After shopping for a bit, enjoy some local food and beverages on the building’s lower level.

Admire Ancient Armour at the Royal Armouries

Last but certainly not least, what better way to round up the day than with a trip to a local Leeds museum? The Royal Armouries is located in West Yorkshire and is home to the national collection of armour from centuries ago. This is an experience that brings you back in time to the antiquated age of soldiers, kings, and horses. Even if you are not one for museums, this isn’t like any other you have previously been to.

So, there you have it — although many tourists’ first mission when visiting England is to head straight for London and all of its famous attractions, Leeds is a unique city that should not be overlooked by enthusiastic travellers seeking a great U.K. experience.

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