Discover the Hidden Gems: Our Favorite Shows and Movies on Netflix

Netflix has become the ultimate platform for entertainment, making it easier than ever to curl up in bed with a cozy blanket and binge-watch your favorite TV shows and movies. However, with an ever-evolving catalogue of content, it can be hard to find the hidden gems among the overpublicized content. Fear not as we’ve brought together a list of some of our favorite shows and movies that deserve your attention.

We’ve divided our list into different categories, so whether you’re in the mood for drama, comedy, horror, or romance, we’ve got you covered. So, without further ado, let’s dive in and discover the hidden gems on Netflix.


1. Ozark
One of Netflix’s original productions, Ozark is a perfect blend of drama and thriller. It follows the lives of the Byrde family as they relocate to the Ozarks in an attempt to launder money for a Mexican drug cartel. Alongside the family’s struggles to keep their business a secret, they navigate their complicated personal lives. With tense moments and gripping performances from the cast, Ozark is perfect for fans of Breaking Bad.

2. Bodyguard
If you’re a fan of political thrillers, then Bodyguard should be on your must-watch list. The show follows a police sergeant tasked with protecting the UK’s Home Secretary, whose personal and political beliefs are put to the test. The series features a gripping storyline, stunning performances, and intense action sequences that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

3. Bloodline
Bloodline is a slow-burn drama series that tells the story of a Florida family hiding dark secrets. The show explores the consequences of the Rayburn family’s past as their lives unravel and their secrets are exposed. With intense family drama, excellent writing, and an exceptional cast, Bloodline is an emotional, must-see series.


1. Master of None
Created by comedian Aziz Ansari, Master of None is a hilarious show that’s perfect for a good laugh. It follows the life of Dev, a young actor living in New York City, who is trying to navigate his personal and professional life. The show covers serious topics like race and religion with a humor that’s both smart and relatable.

2. The Good Place
The Good Place is a one-of-a-kind comedy series that explores the afterlife. It follows Eleanor Shellstrop, who finds herself in “The Good Place” after dying and is determined to become a better person so that she can stay in this utopian community. With an outstanding performance by Kristin Bell and stunning visuals, The Good Place is an imaginative and hilarious show that will leave you in stitches.

3. Lovesick
Lovesick (originally titled Scrotal Recall) is a British comedy series that follows Dylan, a young man trying to reconnect with several of his ex-girlfriends after he’s diagnosed with chlamydia. Alongside his best friends, Evie and Luke, Dylan reflects on his past relationships, ultimately leading him to self-discovery. This charming and well-written series is filled with engaging characters, witty writing, and a whole lot of heart.


1. The Haunting of Hill House
The Haunting of Hill House is by far the scariest series on Netflix. It’s a horror show that follows the Crain family as they experience supernatural events in their haunted home. The series covers themes of grief, addiction, and mental health, making it an emotional rollercoaster to watch. With incredible cinematography, excellent writing, and unforgettable performances, The Haunting of Hill House is destined to become a horror classic.

2. The Ritual
The Ritual is a perfect horror movie that offers a fresh take on the genre. The film follows a group of college friends who reunite after one of them dies. The group decides to take a hiking trip in Sweden, where they realize that they are being hunted by a supernatural entity. With an atmospheric setting, well-timed scares, and great character development, The Ritual is perfect for horror fans.

3. Hush
Hush is a thriller that follows Maddie, a deaf-mute writer who finds herself being terrorized by a masked intruder in her home. The movie capitalizes on the concept of a home-invasion thrillers done with precision, resulting in some intense and nail-biting moments. With a great performance by its lead actor, The Hush is a refreshing and unique thriller that horror fans should definitely check out.


1. Outlander
If you’re looking for a show that combines romance with action-adventure, Outlander is perfect. The show follows Claire Randall, a married combat nurse from World War II who is mysteriously transported back in time to 1743. In the past, she falls in love with Jamie Fraser, a Scottish warrior from a time of clan conflicts. With great performances, excellent writing, and beautiful locations, Outlander is perfect for historical romance fans.

2. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before
To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before is a perfect teen romance movie that’s perfect for a lazy afternoon. The movie follows Lara Jean Covey, a young girl whose secret love letters are accidentally sent out to her past crushes. To prevent a possible heartbreak, Lara Jean enters into a fake relationship with one of the recipients of her letters, Peter Kavinsky. With its charming cast, witty writing, and relatable characters, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before is a delightful rom-com that will warm your heart.

3. The Kissing Booth
Hailing from South Africa, The Kissing Booth is a light-hearted teen rom-com that follows Elle Evans, a high school student who falls in love with her best friend’s older brother. With its well-paced story, endearing characters, and plenty of laughs, The Kissing Booth is a must-watch for anyone looking for a feel-good movie.


1. What’s the easiest way to find new content on Netflix?
Netflix has a ‘Recommended for You’ section that recommends movies and shows based on your viewing history. You can find it on your account page or on the homepage under ‘Top Picks for You’.

2. How do I get rid of the things I’ve watched on Netflix?
If you want to remove a title from your viewing history. Go to your account page > viewing activity > click on the ‘X’ button next to the title you want to remove.

3. Can I watch Netflix offline?
Yes, Netflix now allows you to download select titles for offline viewing. This feature is available on iOS and Android devices.

Best Practices, Tips, and Tricks:

1. Create a watch list
Creating a watch list will help you keep track of all the shows and movies that you want to watch. This will save you from scrolling through the vast library of content on Netflix every time you want to find something to watch.

2. Use Netflix codes
Netflix codes are secret codes that can be used to access hidden genres and categories of content on the platform. Using codes is easy, all you need to do is enter the specific code in the search bar, and the content will be displayed.

3. Take advantage of trial offers
Netflix offers a free trial for new users. If you’re not sure whether you want to commit to the platform, take up the offer and try the platform out for free.

4. Watch with friends
Watching a show or movie on Netflix with friends is an excellent way to make your experience enjoyable. A feature called ‘Netflix party’ is available for users to synchronize content and watch it together.

In conclusion, Netflix has a plethora of hidden gems that are waiting to be discovered, and we’ve shared some of our favorites. From drama to comedy, horror, and romance, there’s something for everyone. By using our best practices, tips and tricks, you can navigate the platform with ease and make the most out of your Netflix experience.

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