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Clement Cuyer

Clement Cuyer


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Did you know that more than twenty years after her unforgettable performance in “Dirty Dancing”, actress Jennifer Gray won the Dance with the Stars contest? The proof in pictures !

World famous thanks to her role of Baby in Dirty Dancing, broadcast this Monday evening on TMC, the actress Jennifer Gray did not then confirm on the screen. But she nevertheless illustrated herself, almost two decades after the cult feature film, in the show … Dance with the stars !

In 2011, Jennifer Gray, 50 at the time, participated in the eleventh season of Dance with the stars American, with professional dancer Derek Hough. She remains, even today, the oldest female celebrity to have competed in the show. It should be noted that the American holds a record in the competition: that of the maximum number of perfect scores (6) obtained during the same season.

After her victory and a waltz in the form of a wink to Dirty Dancing, Jennifer Gray did not hide her joy. “I thought anything that could happen would be great”, declared to journalists the one that overlooked a painful neck and back and knee injuries. “This experience was a gift. It’s a real gift to be part of a show that gives people so much joy. And I really think dancing makes you happy.”

Jennifer Gray and Derek Hough in “Dancing with the Stars” finale, with a nice nod to “Dirty Dancing”:

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