Die Hard 5 on M6: will a 6th film see the light of day?

Die hard 5 on m6: will a 6th film see the light of day?

Six years after Back to Hell, which had divided fans but achieved great commercial success, John McClane returned to the big screen with Beautiful Day to Die. 8 years later, we ask ourselves the question: will there be a 6th Die Hard?

In 2007, Die Hard 4 was released on screens, achieving great international success with $ 388 million in revenue. Twentieth Century Fox, anxious to capitalize on the new found popularity of John McClane, very quickly evokes a sequel project.


Six years later, in 2013, Die Hard 5 landed in cinema with great fanfare. Called Beautiful day to die, this new opus sends our super-cop to Russia. McClane finds himself in Moscow to help his son Jack, whom he had lost sight of. What he does not know is that Jack is actually a highly trained CIA agent on a mission to prevent a nuclear weapons theft.

After Return to Hell, which has been appreciated by the public despite its flaws, this Die Hard 5 leaves a bitter taste in the hearts of fans. For some, this film is a real massacre, for others it is a nameless turnip in which Bruce Willis, freewheeling, expresses no emotion. Regardless, the feature film performed well at the box office, grossing 304 million greenbacks for an estimated budget of 92 million.

These figures are very satisfactory for Fox, which very quickly decides to start a 6th part of the adventures of Lieutenant McClane. In 2015, producer Lorenzo Di Bonaventura launches hostilities, announcing the return of Len Wiseman to the helm. The director of Die Hard 4 must take back the reins of the saga after the parenthesis John Moore on Beautiful day to die.


The idea is enticing on paper: Die Hard will be both a sequel and a prequel. The studio wants to organize a kind of handover between Bruce Willis, back in the tank top of his favorite character, and a new actor supposed to play a young cop McClane in New York at the end of the 70s. Len Wiseman reveals him- even on his Twitter account which will be the title of this new episode: Die Hard Year One.

Bruce Willis liked the pitch a lot at the time: “It’s a very good idea, a difficult concept, I’m particularly happy about it. Making a prequel is very cool. The plot will go back to the origins but we will go back and forth between the past and the present”, he said in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. We are then in October 2015.

The project then does not give any more news from him until September 2018. The producer Lorenzo Di Bonaventura finally talks about Die Hard 6 in an interview for Empire magazine: “We want you to care about John McClane more than ever before. We’re going to explore the character in his 20s. But the 60-year-old McClane will be just as important.”, he confides. In addition, a new title, very sober, is revealed: McClane.


Unfortunately, in March 2019, an event will disrupt Bonaventura’s plans. The Fox is bought by Disney and the big-eared firm buries the Die Hard 6 project once and for all. Since then, persistent rumors evoke a complete reboot of the saga.

Disney would like to relaunch the franchise with a young actor reprising the mythical role of John McClane. After the disastrous Beautiful day to die and the declining career of Bruce Willis, which connects the dubious DTV, one can understand this radical decision on behalf of the studio of Mickey.

For the more nostalgic, the bald superstar has become John McClane again for an advertisement in October 2020:

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