Didier Bourdon: “The Caesars? I don’t care a bit” – Actus Ciné

Soon to be showing the comedy Building permit, in theaters on March 9, Didier Bourdon confided in the subject of the Cesar ceremony, which he does not really carry in his heart.

Didier bourdon: "the caesars? I don't care a bit" - actus ciné

While waiting for the reunion with Les Inconnus at the cinema, Didier Bourdon will be on the poster for Building permits on March 9. In this comedy directed by Eric Fraticelli, the actor plays Romain, a dentist in Paris.

He has just lost his father whom he has not seen for years. To his great surprise, the latter left him a piece of land as an inheritance, as well as a last wish: to build the house there where he would have liked to end his days. Only problem: this land is located in Corsica.

As part of the promotion of the feature film, we met the famous humorist, who recently chained the shootings, in particular with Josiane Balasko in Fine parents and My very dear children. During the interview, the latter gave his feelings about the Caesars, whose 47th ceremony will be held on February 25.

Although winner of the César for best first film in 1996 for Les Trois Frères, the actor has very little esteem for the institution.

“The Caesars, I don’t care a bit”he says confidently. “Edouard Baer had a very nice line: Only Belgians still believe it’s important to have a Caesar”he continues with a touch of humor.

The Caesars, I don’t care a bit.

“I saw that an actress [Marina Foïs] who had presented the Caesars was disappointed not to be nominated. Somehow, it proves a thing: “Ah shit, I’m friends with you and I’m not quoted, what’s going on?”confides the actor.

“Afterwards, I admit that there is Antoine De Caunes who is coming back. It’s not easy to present. With Les Inconnus we could have done it perhaps, at one time. But it’s a difficult exercise because it you have to juggle between humor and the ceremony itself, highlight people, not piss them off”analyzes the former member of the Unknowns.

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“I think that today, if I think about it, I don’t know if it’s not a bit obsolete. When you see the clips, the series, I wonder if a ceremony like that isn’t a bit out of time. Maybe we should do something else or do it faster on a show”he suggests.

If I think about it, I don’t know if the Caesars aren’t a bit obsolete.

“The Victoires de la Musique, again, there is music, people sing. The theater, they tried to do acted scenes but it worked average, it’s always difficult because a play, you have to get into it. The cinema, apart from launching excerpts… but people don’t give a damn”insists the 63-year-old actor.

“If I had to look into it, but I don’t care a bit at the same time, I wonder if it’s not a bit obsolete. We would have to dust off all that, I don’t know. Today we are watered of images in the good and the bad sense. The Covid period made me discover series, I must not be the only one, great things”exposes the actor.

“We watch the series, we don’t like it, we zap. In the cinema, when we are disappointed by a film, we say to ourselves I will not go next time. But TV has accustomed us to a kind of fast zapping, like a lot of things. What makes a ceremony to reward something that we haven’t necessarily seen, it’s not easy. Or else you have to put on a show within the show. Maybe it’s this what will De Caunes try to do?he concludes.


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