Didier Bourdon tells the songs of the Unknowns

Didier Bourdon tells the songs of the Unknowns

Clement Cuyer

Clement Cuyer


Clément Cuyer appreciates all genres, from good hard-hitting horror films to schoolboy comedy. He is an “old man” of AlloCiné, journalist in the editorial staff for more than two passionate decades. “Too old for this bullshit”? Oh never!

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Thomas Imbert

While Didier Bourdon is releasing his first solo album this Friday, entitled “Le Bourdon”, the opportunity is too good to discuss with him the cult musical repertoire of the Unknowns. “It is you that we love you”, Didier!

“For a little while, I’ve been telling myself that the songs were really good.” And he’s right, Didier Bourdon, the songs of Les Inconnus, they were (more than) really good and we still love them “really a lot”.

On the occasion of the release, this Friday, du “Bourdon”, his first solo album, Didier Bourdon evokes for AlloCiné the cult songs of the Unknowns. An “overwhelming” interview to discover in our player above during which he evokes the timeless Rap-all, It is you that I love you or Vice versa, of which he signs, in his disc, an unplugged version alongside his friends Bernard Campan and Pascal Légitimus.

Assembly: Arthur Tourneret

Discover the clip of “Pourquoi tu se mets à la chanson?”, Single from “Bourdon”, Didier Bourdon’s first solo album:

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