Did you like Validated on CANAL +? Here are 5 shows to watch after season 2! – News …

Historic record for CANAL +, the 2nd season of Validé recorded more than 10 million views in less than 1 week, i.e. twice as many as season 1 at the same time. Selection of myCANAL programs for those who loved these new episodes.


Available on myCANAL, Terrain immerses us in the neighborhoods through the confidences of rappers who live there. Offering a realistic vision free of clichés, the four episodes of this documentary series directed by Céline M’Silli meet 20 giants of current rap, from Jul to Ninho, including Niska, Marwa Loud, Dosseh and Soso. Maness.

Depicting a raw fresco of neighborhoods, ranging from the source of inspiration it is for artists, to the reality of hardships such as poverty, drug dealing, violence and prison, the series also gives voice to anonymous residents. . The opportunity to discover an endearing portrait of everyday life at the bottom of the towers, between solidarity, friendships and festivities on the fringes of society.

The 4 episodes of Terrain are available on myCANAL.


After Apash (Hatik) in season 1, Validé focuses his 9 new episodes on the character of Sarah (Laetitia Kerfa). In addition to her past, which catches up with her, this rapper must impose herself in this predominantly male and reputedly misogynistic universe. A reality experienced by many rappers as Reines reveals to us, for the love of rap.

Did you like validated on canal +? Here are 5 shows to watch after season 2! - news...
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In this amazing documentary, we follow five famous faces of this new generation of rappers: Chilla, Davinhor, Le Juiice, Vicky R and Bianca Costa. Installed in a house with a team of producers and artistic director Juliette Fiévet for four days, they record a song to make their voices heard and come back to their meeting, share their experiences …

Reines, for the love of rap, available from October 25 on myCANAL.


Created by American comedian Dave Burd, known under the pseudonym Lil Dicky (“petite b ***”), Dave (aka Lil Dicky) is inspired by his own journey, he who went from a simple white thirty-something totally neurotic to a star rap.

Funny and barred immersion in a world of hip-hop at the time very little present on the screen, this hard-hitting comedy binges without moderation thanks to intriguing intrigues and a soundtrack just as starred as the many guests who illuminate the episodes ( Justin Bieber, Lil Nas X, J Balvin, Dojo Cat, Kendall Jenner….).

The 2 seasons of Dave (aka Lil Dicky) are available on myCANAL.


Written by Jérémie Guez (to whom we owe the screenplay for Tu ne Killas point, Rebelle and recently Boîte noire), Force & Honneur is a web series by rapper Lacrim. Released in 2017 at the same time as the album of the same name, the first season reveals a Lacrim playing its own role between settling scores and the prison world.

Away from bars and rid of his rivals in season 2, the hero seeks to expand his empire. Huge success with a season 1 reaching 10 million views, the series combines fiction with reality and shines the spotlight as much on the musical business as on the middle of organized crime… The fans of Validé will therefore very surely validate!

The 2 seasons of Force & Honor are available on myCANAL.


Décalée CANAL + creation directed by Matthieu Longatte, unveiled in September 2020 and soon back for a season 2, Narvalo presents eight anecdotes inspired by real galleys and told in 13 minutes by one or more inhabitants of a city. “The whole spirit of Narvalo is based on this: telling a piece of suburbs and youth through the prism of the stories that take place there”, Explains the director.

Far from desperate visions of abandoned cities, Narvalo evokes a suburb overflowing with vitality, creativity, fun, self-mockery”, Underline Dominique Jubin (Studiocanal Original) and Jean-Philippe Bouchard (BDF Films). An anthological series with an often funny, sometimes moving tone, which is reminiscent of the one that made the success of Validé.

Narvalo is available on myCANAL.

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