Did you like L’Internat sur Prime Video? 5 movies and series you might like

The Spanish series “The Boarding School – Las Cumbres”, available on Prime Video, mixes drama and horror with a plot full of mystery. Back on 5 films and series in the same line to (re) discover on the platform.

Did you like l'internat sur prime video? 5 movies and series you might like
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The Wilds (2020)

As in The Boarding School – Las Cumbres, it is question of mystery and a multitude of secrets in The Wilds, American series of Sarah Streicher – screenwriter for Daredevil. Here, the main characters are not stuck in a boarding school in the middle of the mountains, but on a deserted island for some unknown reason. Led by an all-female cast, the plot unfolds as the heroines reveal their true faces. Surprising, breathless, but above all well written, The Wilds echoes the classic His Majesty of the Flies with a welcome touch of modernity and a clever final twist. A season 2 is currently in preparation.

Available on Amazon Prime Video

The Heirs of the Night (2019)

Coming straight from Norway, The Heirs of the Night immerses viewers in the nightmarish world of vampires. Adapted from the novels of Ulrike Schweikert, the series follows the fate of young creatures of the night from different bloodlines of vampires. All together, they study in a specialized school to hone their powers. The survival of their species is in their hands when the supposedly dead Count Dracula returns. Dark, gothic and very efficient, The heirs of the night consists of two seasons of 13 episodes each and should appeal to fans of the fantastic.

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The House of Shadows (2011)

Small detour now in England. In The House of Shadows, Rebecca Hall plays a scientist, also known as a ghost hunter. Only his Cartesian mind prevents him from really believing in the supernatural. She prefers to find logical answers to the anomalies she encounters. But her beliefs are shaken when she is sent to a boarding school haunted by a demonic spirit. The feature film manages, thanks to its atmosphere, to embark the viewer in an investigation as strange as disturbing. With its empty corridors, deafening silences and furtive appearances, The House of Shadows is a horror work reminiscent of old-fashioned ghost movies.

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Summer of ’84 (2018)

The arrival of Stranger Things in 2015 brought the decade of the 80s up to date. Directed by Anouk and Yoann-Karl Whissell and Frenchman François Simard, Summer of ’84 also offers a leap backwards with, as a result, an investigation into worrying disappearances. Davey, a rather ordinary teenager, sees his small town threatened by the presence of a serial killer who targets young boys. Sensitive to all the signs he can perceive, the hero is convinced that his neighbor, a neighborhood policeman, is the culprit. Between paranoia, puzzles and synth-pop music, Summer of ’84 is a surprising film which deserves to be better known.

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The Lodge (2020)

Directed by the Austrian director duo Veronika franz and Severin Fiala (Goodnight mommy), The Lodge is a daring mix of genres, between drama and horror. The story is about the fate of a family broken up by the suicide of a mother. Some time after this shock, the father decides to invite his new companion, played by Riley Keough, in the family chalet with his children. The latter will soon doubt the true intentions of their mother-in-law. The only problem: they are isolated and a snowstorm is raging outside. Frozen and truly scary, this in camera has established itself as one of the most interesting thrillers of recent years.

Available on Amazon Prime Video

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