Did you like Cut ? Here are 5 more zombie comedies to check out!

We can laugh, play the shift or be light with the zombies. The proof through a selection of five films, to prolong the pleasure of “Cut!” by Michel Hazanavicius, currently in the cinema.

Zombies can be funny. Yes Yes ! The proof with Cut! of Michel Hazanaviciuspresented this Tuesday at the opening of the 75th Cannes Film Festival (three years after the quirky and indie zombies of The Dead Don’t Die by Jim Jarmusch), simultaneously with its theatrical release.

In this French version of the Japanese nugget Don’t cut! (available on the platform FILMO), the crew of a broke horror film sees the shooting disrupted by the irruption of real living dead… Between a passionate director, actors not always concerned and a badass make-up artist, blood will flow!

Supported by Romain Duris, Bérénice Bejo, Grégory Gadebois, Finnegan Oldfield, Matilda Lutz and Jean-Pascal Zadi, the director of The Artist tells the story of cinema again through a delightful “meta” film that celebrates the 7th Art and the zombie genre, and signs in passing its best comedy since its OSS 117.

And if you want some gore, here are five funny blood-for-blood zombie movies to (re)discover!

Shaun of the Dead

Did you like cut? Here are 5 more zombie comedies to check out!
Working Title Films

The pitch: At nearly 30, Shaun isn’t doing much with his life. Exasperated by his empty promises and his inability to devote himself a little to their couple, his partner decides to break up. Shaun is determined to fix everything, and too bad if the zombies sweep over London, too bad if the city becomes a living hell. Entrenched in his favorite pub, the time has come for him to finally show what he is capable of… Forbidden to children under 12

Why we love: In 2004, we discovered the trio Edgar Wright / Simon Pegg / Nick Frost with what will become the first part of the “Cornetto Trilogy” (completed by Hot Fuzz and The Last Pub Before the End of the World). With the right tone between parody, heartfelt homage, sitcom, buddy comedy and horror movie, Shaun of the Dead brings a breath of fresh air to the genre. All the characters are tasty, starting with the Shaun / Ed tandem, and some scenes have since become cult (ah, the throwing of LPs in the garden…)

Where to see it: on VOD / on DVD & Blu-ray

Welcome to Zombieland

Did you like cut? Here are 5 more zombie comedies to check out!
Sony Pictures Releasing France

The pitch: In a world infested with the undead, two men try to survive. Columbus is terrified of being devoured, but his caution might just save his life. Tallahassee no longer fears anything or anyone. In their journey, the two survivors are joined by Wichita and Little Rock. All of them now have two impossible challenges: face the zombies and learn to get along…

Why we love: Gore, enjoyable and quirky, the opening scene of Welcome to Zombieland, sets the tone for this bloody comedy, which is essentially based on the dynamic between the four main characters and the discrepancy between their little arguments and the doomsday atmosphere that surrounds them. Punctuated by hilarious (but still relevant) rules of survival for the hero, the film offers memorable sequences, including a bloody finale in an amusement park and a cameo that has become legendary.

Where to see it: on Netflix / on VOD / on DVD & Blu-ray

Evil Dead III: Army of Darkness

Did you like cut? Here are 5 more zombie comedies to check out!
Renaissance Pictures

The pitch: A chainsaw grafted to the wrist, a sawed-off shotgun in the other hand, Ash, the hero of the Evil Dead, goes back in time to 1300. There, he has to get his hands on the Necronomicon, grimoire at the source of his misfortunes. His quest quickly turns into a frightening crusade, which leads him to face an army of skeletons… Forbidden to children under 12

Why we love: “Prisoner of time. Surrounded by demons. And out of gas”. The catchline of Evil Dead III: Army of Darkness announces the color of this completely wacky and bizarre film, which contrasts so much with the horror of evil Dead than with the gore of the series Ash vs. evil Dead. Director Sam Raimi and his accomplice Bruce Campbell have fun in this time travel film that mixes knights, cadavers, evil doubles and memorable lines (“At Prixbas the prices are low!”). And us with it!

Where to see it: on myCANAL / on VOD / on DVD & Blu-ray


Did you like cut? Here are 5 more zombie comedies to check out!
Metropolitan FilmExport

The pitch: In a zombie-infested world, a powerful corporation develops a necklace that literally tames the undead. Having become gardeners, milk deliverers or even real pets, these creatures are now everywhere. When a mother buys one of these zombies, Fido, to help her with household chores, the family’s life will be turned upside down…

Why we love: “There is life after death” chants the poster of this little-known film, which revisits the genre through the prism of romance and social criticism. In line with Pleasantville who saw a world in black and white disturbed by the arrival of color, Fido uses death to celebrate life (and love), and to liberate a 50s-style patriarchal society. An attempt that unfortunately went unnoticed (barely 17,000 cinema admissions in 2007) which well deserves a catch-up session.

Where to see it: on Prime Video / on VOD / on DVD & Blu-ray

Warm Bodies

Did you like cut? Here are 5 more zombie comedies to check out!
Metropolitan FilmExport

The pitch: R, a romantic undead, saves Julie, an adorable survivor, against all odds, and protects her from the voracity of her companions. As the days go by, the young woman awakens feelings in him that have been forgotten for a long time… She herself discovers in this different zombie something other than a blank stare. All published with warning

Why we love: A romantic comedy with zombies, that’s what Warm Bodies offers, worn by the couple Nicholas Hoult / Teresa Palmer. Adapted from Isaac Marion’s novel, this Romeo & Juliet between the living dead and humans offers a new look at the genre through the monster’s point of view, pretty scenes between the two “lovers”, and above all tasty moments between R and his best friend M, who like to discuss life (and death) with a grunt.

Where to see it: on Prime Video / on VOD / on DVD & Blu-ray

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