Did you like Code 8? 5 sci-fi movies on Netflix that you might also like

Did you like Code 8? 5 sci-fi movies on Netflix that you might also like

Have you ever watched Code 8 and are you looking for a similar movie that you might like? AlloCiné has made a selection of 5 original Netflix to see on the platform.


What is it about ? In an apocalyptic world, oil reserves are dry. Locked in a house and besieged by the enemy, an engineer has in his possession a technology which can put an end to the civil war by releasing an unlimited reserve of energy. But this technology has created an anomaly: he and his friends are forced to live the same day again and again …

What there is to know : Released online on Netflix in 2016, ARQ brings Robbie Amell (the hero of Code 8) and Rachael Taylor (Jessica Jones) to the screen. This SF day movie Un jour sans fin is rather free to interpret and will make you brainstorm.


What is it about ? In Moldova, plunged in the middle of the civil war, a unit of the SEAL Team 6 was destroyed during its mission in the capital Chișinău by extremely dangerous and apparently supernatural entities. A special Delta Force unit led by the CIA is sent to investigate these entities, accompanied by a DARPA scientist to help understand the phenomenon.

What there is to know : Spectral is above all a war film in SF sauce. A genre that James Badge Dale and Max Martini know very well, which we saw in the explosive 13 Hours of Michael Bay. When he was to go to the movies under the aegis of Universal, Spectral ended up on Netflix, which bought the broadcasting rights. A film that promises us a good dose of action and suspense.


What is it about ? A father haunted by the idea of ​​losing his family sees his worst nightmare come true when a destructive power from another planet lands on Earth. As he struggles for their survival, he discovers an unknown force to protect his family from danger.

What there is to know : If you like movies about alien invasions, Extinction is for you! Michael Pena (Ant-Man), who we know is more used to comedy, takes the place left vacant by James McAvoy when the project was in development. He replies to Lizzy Caplan (Elusive) and Mike Colter (Luke Cage).


What is it about ? In a future where privacy is abolished, an investigator looks at the profile of a serial killer who has been deleted from all video recordings.

What there is to know : This is the latest film by Andrew Niccol, to whom we also owe Welcome to Gattaca, Lord of War or Time Out. Anon is an ambitious production which develops a convincing universe in which individual freedom is suppressed in order to be able to prevent crimes. Clive Owen and Amanda Seyfried immerse us in a breathtaking investigation at the Minority Report.

I Am Mother

What is it about ? In order to avoid the extinction of human beings, a robot “La Mère” has been designated to educate them. A woman will jeopardize this new balance.

What there is to know : Netflix bought the broadcast rights to I Am Mother, director Grant Sputore’s first film, after its screening at the last Sundance festival. This one has the particularity of having only two main actors (without counting the robot), Hilary Swank and Rose Byrne.

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