Did the Simpsons predict the Ted Cruz scandal?

While Texas Senator Ted Cruz is currently in turmoil after taking a vacation in a cold snap, some fans have made the connection with an episode of “The Simpsons.”

Did the simpsons predict the ted cruz scandal?

Could it be that the Simpsons writers have predicted the future again?

Known for having anticipated many events such as the election of Donald Trump or the takeover of Fox by Disney, Matt Groening’s series would have evoked the scandal currently hitting Ted Cruz … from 1993?

In any case, this is what some fans claim on social networks, comparing the situation currently facing the State of Texas with a joke present in episode 21 of season 4.

Indeed, like Texas Senator Ted Cruz – who is accused of having gone on vacation to CancĂșn when a deadly cold snap is currently depriving many Texas homes of electricity – Mayor Quimby told the time to the people of Springfield that he had canceled his vacation to fight an epidemic. By the end of his televised address, it could be seen that he was actually speaking live from a beach in the Bahamas.

A funny situation that resonates strangely with the news, as several Internet users on Twitter have not failed to point out.

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Did the simpsons predict the ted cruz scandal?

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