Diary of a future president on Disney +: “In politics it is about becoming a leader”

Launched since August 18 on Disney +, season 2 of Diary of a future president continues the story of young Elena, who will be in the White House once an adult. AlloCiné was able to meet the team of the series.

Composed of ten episodes, the second season of Journal of a Future President has just started airing on August 18 on Disney +. It continues the story of Elena Cañero-Reed (Tess Romero), future Cuban-American leader and who enters 5th to college.

Diary of a future president, a series created by Ilana Peña with Tess Romero, Gina Rodriguez, Charlie Bushnell, Selenis Leyva and Michael Weaver…

AlloCiné: What were your intentions in creating this series?

Ilana Peña: To entertain and above all to give hope to our audience. As well as a lot of joy and love. Even though there are so many sets available, I think ours gives you the big hug we all need. Especially after what we have just experienced with the pandemic. It’s a series that unleashes your imagination and the possibilities of what you can do with your life. It’s also a comedy and I hope the audience laughs to the max. We need to laugh so badly.

More in depth, what is this series really about, what are the main themes?

Ilana Peña : The focus is really on the character of Elena and how she transforms into a peerless leader. There is also the theme of the mother-daughter relationship between her and Gabi. It really is a study of how to find your voice and your way in life. It’s not always easy, especially when you’re an ambitious young girl like Elena.

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Charlie bushnell : For me, it’s a series that shows how sometimes it is difficult to find a place when you’re young. It is not easy to “find” yourself. Especially for my character who has intimate feelings for his best friend, Liam (played by Brandon Severs). I think a lot of young people are going through this awkward moment in terms of their true identity, so it’s great to have a series that addresses the subject openly. I think there are more and more series like ours that tackle issues that are essential for young people today; I am proud to be a part of it.

Michael weaver : For me, it’s really a slow-motion love story. At the center of this series is the concept of empathy that one must have for one another. It’s not easy to put yourself in other people’s shoes and understand what they are going through. It is also a series full of optimism and which shows that you can always find your way by working hard.

Selenis leyva : It’s a series about what makes a family. It is also a look at the difficulty of being a young person these days and the anxieties that young people have in general. It invites us to better understand others, to listen to them better, to show humanity.

Diary of a future president on disney +: "in politics it is about becoming a leader"

Disney +

It seems that you drew inspiration from your own young girl’s diary for this series, what did you do with it?

Ilana Peña : I still have it and keep it close to me in my room in my house in Los Angeles. This is my sixth’s diary! It’s funny because I was really a girl obsessed with the “lack” of time that I thought I didn’t have; as if it was the end of the world. It’s amazing how ambitious I had, I wanted to have my own TV show and even a Broadway musical. I really was Elena’s character.

It is this intense dramatic tone, larger than life, that I put in my series. But the success of this series does not come only from me, but from the whole team of writers who design each episode together. I also had a lot of artistic influences from other series that I was a fan of like Lizzie McGuire that I watched all the time. There are also quite a few book authors who influenced me in writing this series. People like Paula Danziger, Anna Martin Lewis, Lois Lowry…

The series is about politics… so what does this word mean to you and what do you think of this era, more than ever, ultra “political”?

Ilana Peña : In politics it is about becoming a leader. That’s what I think of that word, it rhymes with leader, chief, president. This, no doubt, means having a dose of narcissism and a great charismatic drive. But for me, politics, becoming a leader in politics means that your success depends on the success of others. And that’s what Elena will learn in the series. I think if our leaders could learn and understand that their job is to save others and think less about them, I think we would come to a better result and a planet in a less chaotic state.

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