Diana Boss on Francetv Slash: lawyer by day, rapper by night

Diana boss on francetv slash: lawyer by day, rapper by night

Meeting with Marion Seclin and Niels Rahou, creators of the series retracing the career of a young lawyer and aspiring rapper, alongside actors and performers Moon A (Malika), Aladoum (Balrog), Tokou (Lola) and Kader Diaby (Carter) ).

A few months before the Bar exam, Malika, 23, promised a brilliant career as a lawyer, began her internship at the prestigious MCB law firm. A lifelong rap fan, but pushed by her father to pursue law studies, Malika finds herself in a dilemma when she is spotted by Boozer, MC of her own radio show, who offers her to join a contest of rap. Torn between reason and passion, in search of her vocation, Malika tries to find her place in these two very different worlds … but perhaps less than she thinks.

Diana Boss, December 10 in full on Francetv Slash

After season 2 of Validé, which featured a rapper confronted with sexist biases and prejudices in the music industry, it is another series that questions the place of female rappers in the world of rap, the most popular musical genre. acclaimed in France.

Created by Marion Seclin and Niels Rahou (who also signs the production), Diana Boss follows the atypical career of Malika, who chain them battles in the law firm or on the radio, and traces her path as a free woman in a world ruled by men with only words as weapons.

Embodied by a true rapper, Moon’A, the character of Malika, alias Diana Boss, buried her passion for rap in front of a father who pushed her to study. But by getting noticed in rap battles, her talent will catch up with her. Malika will then understand that these two worlds, rap and law, are not so far apart.

Eloquence is something specific to these two environments“, underlines Marion Seclin. In her research during the writing of the series, she watches many videos of the Rap Contenders league to immerse herself in the culture of rap battles, and finds a real lyrical and poetic richness.

It was extremely well written, there were alexandrines, it was magnificent! But as the speech is a little more vulgar and the principle is to fight, verbal games tend to be misjudged by highly educated circles who think that it is not art. Whereas it is precisely to return art to the people.

Rap, a misogynist environment?

Torn between her vocation for justice and her passion for rap, Malika will also be confronted with the fact that women are in the minority in this environment, where they struggle to impose themselves despite their talent.

Rap is like the society we live in“, explains Aladoum. Emblematic figure of the rap battles of his generation, the rapper has imposed himself with freestyles and devastating improvisations. Here he plays the character of Balrog, one of the artists that Malika faces behind his microphone.

There is a lot of misogyny there, as in society in general, but it’s overplayed. In rap, everything is a bit overused, exaggerated.

I have the impression that it remains a rather misogynistic environment anyway, because rap is a very masculine environment.“Says the actress Tokou, who plays Lola, Malika’s best friend.”But it’s true that we see more and more women who come to get high in rap and who are super hot, even hotter than guys.

There are girls who know how to kick, who make toplines (vocal parts of a song) phew for rappers that everyone listens to“, continues rapper Kader Diaby, who plays the role of Carter.”But we don’t calculate them too much, because they’re chicks. “

But there it starts to open! In terms of ratio, they eat us up. We are ten thousand rappers, with ten who have made it through; they, they are ten, and the ten have pierced“, he laughs.

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