Dexter season 9: Michael C. Hall wants to offer disappointed fans an end to the height

Seven years after a final deemed disappointing by fans, “Dexter” will return for a season 9, which, according to Michael C. Hall should offer a decent ending to his character.

Dexter season 9: michael c. Hall wants to offer disappointed fans an end to the height
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Warning, spoilers. The following paragraphs reveal spoilers for Dexter’s finale. If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on.

Last October, Showtime announced the return of Dexter for 2021, on the occasion of a special season that promises to give fans of the series an ending that lives up to their expectations. While the plot of these 10 never-before-seen episodes is still very vague, showrunner Clyde Phillips has already said he wants propose a “second ending” which will correct the shooting of the first.

On the occasion of an interview for The Daily Beast, the star of the series, Michael C. Hall, who played the serial killer for 8 years, also expressed his desire to offer a decent ending to his character. According to him, enough time has passed to be able to tell a new story that will manage to intrigue viewers and correct this finale which he also considers disappointing.

He added : “And let’s face it: people found the way the show ended quite unsatisfying, and there’s always been this hope that a story worth telling would emerge. I’m part of the group of people who have asked themselves “What happened to this character?” So I can’t wait to come back“.

As a reminder, the last episode of season 8 saw Debra (Jennifer Carpenter) die in her brother’s arms following complications from a gunshot wound. Dexter would then take his body to throw it into the ocean before driving his boat straight into a storm. Presumed dead, a post-credits scene revealed that he had survived and had become a lumberjack.

The production of this new burst of episodes of Dexter should start this month if sanitary conditions permit. For now, no information has filtered out regarding the return of emblematic characters from the series.

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