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Written by Clyde Phillips, the original showrunner of Dexter, “New Blood” extends the adventures of the Miami serial killer after a finale that divided audiences in 2013. But why had he decided to leave the series after four seasons?

Almost nine years after Dexter’s controversial season 8 finale, in which the hero played by Michael C. Hall left Florida and went to live deep in the Canadian forests, pretending to be dead, audiences were overwhelmed. surprise to find his favorite serial-killer in 2021 in Dexter: New Blood, imagined as a soap opera miniseries by showrunner Clyde Phillips, at the helm for the first four seasons of the Showtime series.

At the start of these ten new episodes, Dexter Morgan, who now calls himself Jim Lindsay, lives as a recluse in Iron Lake, a fictional town in upstate New York. But as he tries to stick to a strict routine and hasn’t touched a knife in years, our hero, haunted by the ghost of his sister Debra (Jennifer Carpenter), will see several elements of his past resurface. outside his door … starting with his now teenage son Harrison (Jack Alcott).

When the Showtime director contacted him again in 2019 to offer to revive Dexter, telling him that Michael C. Hall was up for it, Clyde Phillips gave himself a week to think about it with the help of a writing assistant to explore several ideas for continuing the serial killer story.

It was finally after a great reunion with Michael C. Hall some time later that he agreed to write the series, the latter loving the idea he proposed to him. But Clyde Phillips is categorical: Dexter: New Blood is a revival and not a new season of Dexter, like the cult credits of the series now replaced by a simple chilling title. However, we find there Blood Theme, the signature theme of the series by composer Daniel Licht, who died in 2017.

Considered by many to be one of the best seasons of Dexter, season 4 of the series featured the dreaded Trinity Killer (John Lithgow), who ended up killing in a particularly traumatic way Rita (Julie Benz), Dexter’s companion, leaving their son Harrison in tears in a bloodbath to remind the hero how his own mother died, and thus trigger his need to kill: the famous “Black Passenger”.

Contrary to what one might think, Clyde Phillips did not leave the series in 2009 at the end of this season because of artistic disagreements with the Showtime channel, but for a personal reason. “It was a very difficult decision to leave the show. I did it while she was in her prime“he told journalist Pierre Langlais in September 2021 during the Séries Mania festival.

Living in Connecticut, he had to travel to Los Angeles every week to work on the series, which made his family life complicated. Reasons that prevailed over the showrunner’s career, having chosen to remain a simple consultant and to leave the hand to Manny Coto and Chip Johannessen on the writing of season 5.

It was a very difficult decision to leave the show. I did this when she was in her prime.

Asked how many fans were disappointed with Dexter’s last season, and in particular the series finale, Clyde Phillips also confesses that he was unhappy with this conclusion, as he imagined at the time a much bigger ending. dark for the serial killer.

It’s no secret, I was very disappointed. I found that the show was falling apart, that the character of Dexter had been breaking what was called ‘the code’ for so long that it no longer looked like the show as we started it. It was a wrong to the public“He confesses. The showrunner admits not having wanted to watch the last four seasons of the series, but to have plunged back into seasons 1 to 4 to find the tone of the series.

I thought they would be instructive for me for the narration, the characters, the music, the nuances, the characters that revolve around Dexter (…) I was not there for a decade, and it helped me find his way back. voice and that of Michael C. Hall. Interestingly, it also reminded me of the humor in the show. As it’s a series about a serial killer, we don’t want to be morbid!

Canal + is broadcasting episodes 7 and 8 of Dexter: New Blood this evening, in which Angela (Julia Jones), having discovered Dexter’s true identity by crossing paths with Batista (David Zayas), one of her former colleagues in Miami , the detective will ask her to help her solve the disappearance of her best friend whose body has been found.

As for the series’ conclusion, Clyde Phillips promises fans an explosive finale, as shocking as it is unexpected. “Without wishing to bring bad luck, I would say that the finale of this new season will explode the Internet “ he declares. Will Dexter’s original showrunner keep its promises? See you on January 13 on Canal +!

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