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Eight years after Dexter’s controversial finale, the serial killer of serial killers returns in Dexter: New Blood. Dexter Morgan is back in service … for better or for worse?

What is it about ?

Ten years after his disappearance in the turmoil of Hurricane Laura, Dexter Morgan now lives far from Miami, under a different identity, in the small town of Iron Lake, in New York State. The ex-police forensic expert sees his old demons resurface in the wake of unexpected events disturbing his routine.

Dexter: New Blood, a series created by Clyde Philips with Michael C. Hall, Jennifer Carpenter, Jack Alcott, Julia Jones… 2 episodes every Thursday at 9 pm on Canal + (Episodes seen: 2)

Who is it with?

Do we still have to present Dexter Morgan? Even if he now calls himself Jim Lindsay… The excellent Michael C. Hall is back in the role of the serial killer. As well as Jennifer Carpenter in that of Debra, except that this one died at the end of season 8 of Dexter. She is therefore her new Dark Passenger here, except that for 10 years, she has supported her brother in his new resolution: no longer to kill.

Alongside them, new faces are emerging. Starting with Jack Alcott who plays Harrison the son of Dexter, now 15 years old. He arrives from the first episode to reconnect with his father.

We also discover Julia Jones, she plays Angela, the Iron Lake police chief but also Jim / Dexter’s girlfriend … Finally, a familiar face from the big and small screen appears at the end of the second episode. This is Clancy Brown who plays the main antagonist this season.

Seacia Pavao / SHOWTIME

Well worth a look ?

After a failed goodbye, we are of course happy to find Dexter / Jim again and this, especially since Dexter: New Blood is the creation of Clyde Philips, the showrunner of seasons 1 to 4 of Dexter, considered as the best by the fans.

However, this reunion is exotic. Exit the humid and tropical Miami decor. Dexter has buried himself in a cold, remote little town where winter rules everywhere. But it’s nice to see how he managed to change. In ten years he has become a different man. He resists his murderous urges, leads an ordinary life without blood spatter.

We can guess that he is more overwhelmed by the tragedies he has caused in the past than by the punishment he inflicts on himself, that of no longer killing. And the first scenes with Debra, who became her clear conscience more than her Dark Passenger, are very beautiful and touching.

Dana Starbard / SHOWTIME

But we wouldn’t find Dexter if he didn’t fall back into his old ways. It is thanks to the confrontation with an unbearable daddy’s son – who turns out to have committed crimes he has not paid for – that Dexter gets the better of Jim.

It is then the old routine which is put in place. The plastic sheeting, the makeshift operating room, and the sharp blades. We then find our good old Dexter. What changes this time around? The return of his son in his life. After spending ten years away from Harrison, Dexter doesn’t want to lose him again and intends to become a model dad …

This is where it all comes down to the whole stake of Dexter: New Blood. A real moral conflict comes into play when it used to be just for Dexter not to get caught. This time around, he is fully aware that his murders cause chaos and result in the deaths of those he loves.

The real question then is: what does he like the most? His son or the blood?

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