Dexter: by the way … how does it end?

As Dexter Morgan prepares to return in Dexter: New Blood, it’s time to refresh your memory

Dexter: by the way... How does it end?
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It is an ending that has shocked more than one and which remains among the most controversial. After eight bloody seasons gutting every killer he can get his hands on, Dexter ends up with Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall) taking the powder from Miami. He’s chopping wood in the forest. He lives like a recluse – inevitably bearded – in a cabin. He may be killing animals, or passing hunters. The story does not say. But let’s go back eight years.

The great departure

At the start of the episode, Dexter is determined to leave Miami with wife and child to join Argentina and thus honor the promise he made to Hannah (Yvonne Strahovski), but Elway (Sean Patrick Flanery) will change their SHOT: While Hannah hides in the airport bathroom so he can’t find her, Dexter issues a bomb threat, which leads to the inevitable evacuation of the mob. The flight is delayed. Meanwhile, Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) is on a stretcher heading to the hospital after her bout with the “neurosurgeon”. Quinn (Desmond Harrington) is by her side and upon entering the operating room she sketches a “I love you” without conviction.

Dexter receives a call from Chief Matthews to brief him on the situation. The small family therefore leaves the airport in the direction of the hospital while the storm Laura rises (reference to Laura Moser, the mother of Dexter murdered in a bloodbath). There, Deb and Dexter discuss for the last time – which they ignore then – and the serial killer once again confesses to his sister how guilty he feels for having destroyed her life. She encourages him to go to Argentina to finally live his life.

Leaving the scene, Dexter runs into Elway, who accuses him of hiding Hannah. Feeling that the trap will eventually close on his sweetheart whatever he does, he asks her to leave Miami once and for all, direction Argentina, obviously taking Harrison with her. She accepts.

Death has struck again

Back in the hospital, Dexter meets the eyes of Oliver Saxon, the main antagonist of season 8. It is then that Batista points a gun at the head of the serial killer neurosurgeon. Dex hastens to go to his sister’s room to verify that she is still there, but she is missing. In fact, a blood clot led to cardiac arrest, which turned her into a vegetable. Dex is frozen, Quinn is in tears.

In parallel, we discover that Elway has managed to find Hannah: he is sitting next to her and Harrison in the bus that takes them to Daytona. He calmly tells her that upon arrival, he will bring her to justice. Why not stop the bus? Mystery … The poor man does not have time to do much: Hannah, who never goes out without his syringe, injects him with a product to put him to sleep (and not to kill him).

At the Miami police station, Dexter manages to find himself alone with Saxon in the interrogation room and kills him … with a pen. The surveillance camera filmed the scene, but Batista and Quinn, seeing it again, decide to protect their former colleague.

The outcome

Dexter goes to look for Debra in the hospital with his boat, the famous “Slice of life”. He tells her that he loves her then leaves the place with the young woman in his arms for the open sea. He braves the raging storm (the special effects are extremely ugly), sees his father who appears one last time, then separates from her sister’s body, plunging it into the ocean. He sets off again, rushing through the lightning. Then we are shown a wreckage of the boat, while Batista learns of Dexter’s disappearance. He will never know who he really is. No more than Quinn and Masuka. Hannah reads the news from a newspaper while she is with Harrison on the terrace of a cafe in Argentina. Does she seem serene? Then comes the famous Dexter scene in the woods.

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