Devils on OCS: what is the series worth on the world of finance with Patrick Dempsey?

Devils on OCS: what is the series worth on the world of finance with Patrick Dempsey?

Devils on OCS: what is the series worth on the world of finance with Patrick Dempsey?

From April 18, the channel broadcasts in US + 24 a new OCS Originals co-production: an ambitious financial thriller led by a European cast. By exploring the internal struggles of the big world markets, does the series succeed?

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What is it about?

Massimo Ruggiero is a brilliant trader for NYL, an American investment bank based in London. While he is in pole position to become Vice CEO, Massimo sees the position slip away for the benefit of another. Feeling neglected by Dominic Morgan, his mentor, Massimo undertakes to bring him down with the help of his team. He then finds himself caught in the middle of a financial war endangering the European economy.

10 episodes of 52 minutes – from April 18 at 8:40 p.m. on OCS Max

What does it look like ?

Who is it with?

In the casting of this series created by two solid European showrunners, the British Nick Hurran (Altered Carbon) and the Italian Jan Michelini (The Medici), we find Patrick Dempsey, ex-doctor Mamour of Grey’s Anatomy who already played a devious character in The Truth about the Harry Quebert affair in 2018. In Devils, he finds a role of manipulator of the shade which will delight him, so much his sweet air coats to perfection all the latent darkness of the American CEO. In the main role of the series, Italian actor Alessandro Borghi (Suburra) does the job in this role of young career trader, alongside Laia Costa (Spanish revelation of the film Victoria in 2016), a freelance journalist with false airs of Lisbeth Salander who seems to be a little too interested in his activities. Malachi Kirby, seen in Black Mirror, shines as a young outsider, a genius behavioral analyst recruited by Massimo to monitor his enemies. Finally, Lars Mikkelsen, noticed in Borgen and recently seen in The Witcher, plays a supporting role as an enigmatic whistleblower.

Well worth a look?

Italian production developed under the OCS Signature label, co-produced by the channels Sky Italia, LUX and OCS for France, Devils marks the desire for renewal induced by European channels, having understood that faced with American blockbusters only unity was strength . OCS Originals launched its first European initiative in 2019 with The Name of the Rose, a historical series adapted from the novel by Victor Hugo with John Turturro.

Taken from the best-seller of the novelist Guido Maria Brera, Devils is a contemporary mini-series in ten episodes taking place in the heart of the City of London, within the walls of a powerful American bank called NYL. The plot, set in 2008, in the middle of the economic crisis in Greece and at the time when Dominique Strauss-Kahn was still managing director of the International Monetary Fund, embraces the sub-genre of the financial thriller illustrated by films like Wall Street ( 1987) or the most recent The Wolf of Wall Street by Scorcese (2013).

Alas, Devils does not revolutionize its theme: modern crooks are shown there under young faces, a reflection of a cosmopolitan Europe molded in an American mode of operation as soon as one enters the realm of finance and traders with long teeth who indulge in all excesses. However, the series, of good quality – largely thanks to its convincing cast – reflects the same observation. Despite a 100% European production, she does not avoid the pitfalls of American sensationalism, between her music which over-emphasizes dramatic effects, the hero narrator with a voice-over who opens and concludes each episode, his dialogues little subtle exposure or its overdosed cliffhangers. Their female characters are also underemployed, reduced to secondary roles which are not very modern, serving as sexual objects and for the promotion of bankers (Massimo’s ex-wife, disappeared in mysterious circumstances and created to arouse empathy towards the hero, does not escape stereotypes).

We note, however, the good handling of this European project (more convincing than the recent Mirage on France 2), and a desire to return to it anyway in order to detect all the twists and turns of the plot, the mini-series format helping . In summary, good entertainment for fans of the genre, which however lacks an additional touch of modernity.


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