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A month after the launch of the series and its surprise success, Netflix is ​​already announcing its renewal for a season 2 consisting of 8 episodes.

Bloom (Abigail Cowen) and her friends will be back on our screens very soon. Netflix has just announced the renewal of Destiny – The Winx Saga for a season 2 which will consist of 8 episodes. The “more mature” adaptation of the Italian cartoon has met with real success on the platform since its launch on January 22. We follow the initiatory journey of five fairies attending Alfea, a fairy boarding school located in the Other World. It is there that they must learn to master their magical powers, while discovering love, overcoming their rivalries and facing the monsters that threaten to destroy them …

There is likely to be change in Season 2 of Destiny – The Winx Saga, after the death of an important character, the putsch organized by Farah (Eve Best) and a surprise return. But above all we should have answers on the famous Dragon Flame as well as the origin of the Burns. These new episodes would also allow the very probable arrival of the fairies Flora and Tecna ,. These last two had shone by their absence in season 1 while they have major roles in the animated series …

But it will be necessary to be patient before discovering the sequel since no specific shooting date has yet been announced.

The comparison between the cast and its animated version:

Destiny - the winx saga: a season 2 commissioned for netflix's fairies - news series on tv

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Destiny – The Winx saga on Netflix: the comparison between the cast and its animated version

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