Destin La Saga Winx on Netflix: does the villain of season 2 exist in the animated series…

Season 2 of Destiny The Winx Saga welcomes an ominous all-new villain to the fairies of Alfea. But where does this antagonist come from and does he exist in the animated version? Warning, spoilers.

Warning, spoilers. It is advisable to have seen Season 2 of Destiny: The Winx Saga before continuing to read this article.

Since September 16, the fairies of Destiny: The Winx Saga are back on Netflix. In Season 2 of the live-action retelling of the popular animated series, Bloom and her friends are in grave danger at Alfea, the fairy-tale boarding school in the Other World.

While the Brûlés have disappeared, new Machiavellian enemies infiltrate the school now run by Rosalind, who imposes a dictatorship there. When fairies start disappearing at night, Bloom and her friends will do anything to stop them.

Fairies vs Wizards

The great enemies of this second season are blood witches, in the original version, led by Sebastian (Eanna Hardwicke). The latter used his connections and his powers of manipulation and persuasion to carry out his plan, which was to take revenge on those who struck down Aster Dell.

Blood witches are humans who use magic in unnatural ways, through sacrifice and death. So, Sebastian uses scrapers – terrifying creatures – to suck the powers out of fairies.

His goal is to recover the Dragon Flame, which Bloom possesses, in order to obtain an entity, called The Shadow, in the Kingdom of Shadows, which would allow the population of Aster Dell to be resurrected.

Luckily, the fairies, with Beatrix’s sacrifice, manage to foil Sebastian’s plans and kill him before he does something irreparable, even though opening the portal to the Shadow Realm could destroy the Otherworld. forever still happened.

Destin La Saga Winx on Netflix does the villain of

The character of Sebastian, as he is in the Netflix series, does not exist in the Winx Club animated series. There is indeed a Sebastian in Winx Club but he is an art collector. The screenwriters of Destiny: The Winx Saga were surely inspired by the wizard Valtor to imagine Sebastian.

Valtor is an iconic Winx Club enemy: he is a wizard, who is a demon in his original form (a gargoyle-like creature). Very manipulative, Valtor has often dealt with Bloom, knowing that his original powers come from a fragment of the Dragon Flame.

Other “blood witches” seen in Season 2 include the infiltrator Gray (Brandon Grace). The latter pretends to be a student of Alfea and gets closer to Aïsha (Precious Mustapha). If he is caught in his own trap and really falls in love with the young water fairy, he remains an enemy nonetheless.

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Even if he does not cause any danger, the authorities of Alfea force him to return home to his family and never to return. But the young man finds it difficult to leave Aïsha, who is not far from forgiving him.

Like Sebastian, Gray does not exist, as he is in the Netflix series, in the Winx Club animated series. But the scriptwriters were able to draw inspiration from the character Nabu, who is the love-interest then Aïsha’s fiancé in the animated series.

It’s clear that Destiny: The Winx Saga takes a lot of liberties with the source material and goes off in different directions with new characters that still take inspiration from the Winx Club mythology.

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