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After only two evenings of broadcast, TF1 will not offer this Tuesday evening the last episodes of season 1 of “Dirty John”. Don’t panic: you will be able to watch the episodes legally!

On Tuesday, June 1, TF1 launched in prime time Dirty John, a series inspired by a true story with Connie Britton and Eric Bana, which follows Debra, an accomplished businesswoman who will fall into the clutches of John Meehan, a apparently perfect man who will turn out to be a heroin addict, stalker and ex-con with a history of violence.

While the channel was to broadcast this Tuesday evening from 9:05 pm the last episodes of season 1, it decided to deprogram it because of its too low audiences.

For its first evening of broadcast, only 2.30 million curious were in front of their screens. A figure which rose to 1.66 million for the following episodes, making TF1 the fourth channel of the evening in terms of audience.

Unsurprisingly, the front page has therefore announced that it will not broadcast the last episodes and will instead offer the film Momo with Catherine Frot and Christian Clavier. What if you were one of those who followed diligently for two weeks this series adapted from a podcast by Christopher Goffard?

You have two options: watch them now on or go to Netflix. Season 1 of Dirty John has been available in full on the platform since February 14, 2019 (this is perhaps one of the reasons for the failure of the broadcast on TF1).

You can therefore find on the streaming platform the last two episodes that will not be broadcast on the front page, in order to find out what will happen to the Debra / John couple.

It will also be the opportunity to discover season 2 of the series, which, anthology obliges, relates to a completely different true story: that of Betty Broderick. Betty and Dan Broderick, played by Amanda Peet and Christian Slater, meet in high school as teenagers in the 1960s.

Their marriage, punctuated by hardships, ends in a difficult divorce. A few years later, while he is remarried, Dan and his new wife will be murdered by Betty. How could she come to such a gesture?

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