Demon Slayer: what is this phenomenon that is a hit at the Japanese box office?

Released last week, the feature film “Demon Slayer: The Infinity Train” breaks all Japanese box office records. Back on the history of this manga managed to exceed the stratospheric sales of One Piece!

Demon slayer: what is this phenomenon that is a hit at the japanese box office?

With more than 3.4 million viewers in just one weekend, the animated feature Demon Slayer: The Infinity Train broke the record for the best start of all time at the Japanese box office. In itself, it is not really a surprise, the series having established itself this last year as the new manga reference by managing in particular to exceed the sales of One Piece, with already more than 100 million copies sold. in less than five years (One Piece nevertheless remains the best-selling manga of all time with more than 360 million manga sold worldwide).

“To be frank, the Japanese had anticipated the success of the series. From the first discussions around the acquisition of the title, the beneficiary had warned us of the potential. (…) They knew very well what they were doing. had in their hands. And we trusted them “ says Matthias Jambon-Puillet, Marketing Manager for the Wakanim platform, which broadcasts the animated series Demon Slayer in France.

If the manga quickly became successful in Japan, it was not until the launch of the anime that the phenomenon Demon slayer has grown, to the point of having today become one of the spearheads of Weekly Shônen Jump magazine: ‘Ultra quality animation, twilight photography, work on colors, inspiration for an immersive storyboard, sets … (…) We have just, with the Egami collective, released a book published by Ynnis listing the 100 best animated series. Considering the work done in all the compartments by the Ufotable studio (Fate saga), it is only fair to have integrated it “ explains journalist Bruno de la Cruz, editor-in-chief of the magazine Animascope.

Yes Demon slayer was a success from its launch in Japan, the series nevertheless had a difficult start in France; first published under the title The Night Rovers, the manga was republished under its original title. A false start that did not, despite everything, prevent the title from taking off, again thanks to the success of the animated series as confirmed by Masahiro Choya, manager of edirialmanga at the publisher Panini: “Panini France probably published this series before any other country, even before the anime was broadcast. Many fans who saw the anime on TV wanted to read the manga. At that point, it was obvious to restart the publication of the manga. Having said that, as in Japan the anime contributed a lot to the success of the manga. “

New benchmark for shônen nekketsu and next major license for Japanese industry, Demon slayer is sometimes referred to as the heir to the iconic One Piece, notably because of its staggering sales figures. “In a very pragmatic way and even though they were twins, we cannot qualify him as an heir: Demon Slayer concluded with his 23rd volume, where One Piece continues its incredible journey” recalls Bruno de la Cruz, an observation also shared by Masahiro Choya: “It is true that Demon Slayer is one of the few series that rivals One Piece, if you look at the sales figures in Japan. Both speak about themes dear to the Shonen manga like friendship and surpassing oneself in difficult times. . But I think the word ‘heir’ is not quite appropriate. They are two universes in their own right. “

Japanese box office number, Demon Slayer: Infinity Train does not currently have a French release date, although it is obvious that the film will indeed land with us in the coming months. “We hope to be able to communicate soon on this subject” says Matthias Jambon-Puillet, who also believes that the film Demon slayer could potentially break the all-time Japanese box office record, currently held by Spirited Away with 23.5 million admissions.

Recall that while the film does not yet have a release date, the Infinity Train arc has been proposed in the manga. Demon slayer, the first twelve volumes of which are already available from Panini. The first season of the anime is to be found on the Wakanim platform.

The Japanese trailer for the movie Demon Slayer – The Infinity Train:

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