Demon Slayer: The Infinity Train animated derail the Grand Rex ticket office!

The “Demon Slayer” phenomenon arrives in France. A hit in Japan and at the US box office, the most famous demon slayer in Japanese animation has sparked a tidal wave of reservations for its May 19 release, for the reopening of theaters.

French fans of Demon Slayer will be attending the reopening of the cinemas. Launched last night, the pre-sales of the feature film adapted from the animated franchise, distributed by CGR EVENTS, put the servers of the Grand Rex under pressure for much of the night.

Announced for a French theatrical release for nearly six months by Wakanim, Demon Slayer: Infinity Train will be released on May 19, the day of reopening of cinemas in France. Without preview, nor release limited in time, allowing all the demon hunters of the Hexagon to discover the film at the same time.

A real hit in Japan, to the point of becoming last December the biggest success of all time at the Japanese box office (ahead of Spirited Away), the feature film also signed a record start for a film by Japanese animation in the United States, with a revenue of 20 million dollars from its first weekend on the bill. To date, Haruo Sotozaki’s film has garnered more than 420 million greenbacks worldwide.

Witnessing the success of the franchise outside Asia, French spectators – the second largest consumers of manga in the world – were also obviously very impatient to take their tickets for the hexagonal tour of the Infinity Train.

Available for pre-sale this Thursday, May 6, at midnight sharp, the first places offered for reservation were taken over by the fans. While additional sessions were announced in the face of the craze, the Grand Rex and CGR sites thus experienced major technical problems during a good part of the night, causing a few sleepless nights among the fans to hope to win the famous sesame. .


Tânjiro Kamado, the hero of Demon Slayer

Alexandre Hellmann, director of the Grand Rex, reacts:

It’s a Tsunami! In the history of the Grand Rex we had rarely experienced such enthusiasm when opening pre-sales… The fans were there to the point that the system exploded. It is rather a very good sign: in less than 30 minutes we have sold more than 3000 seats! Our audience eager for events of this type, after such long months of deprivation, will be able to discover this film-event in the best conditions at the Grand Rex.

Recall that this film is the direct sequel to the anime Demon slayer, broadcast in Japan since 2019. We follow the unusual daily life of Tânjiro Kamado, a teenager in search of the creature who caused the death of his family and the transformation of his sister, Nezuko, into a demon.

Allied to powerful swordsmen called the Pillars, Tânjiro and his friends, apprentice slayers, set off on an adventure on a path that could prove fatal for most of them. A season 2 is also scheduled for 2021.


Nezuko Kamado and Giyu Tomioka

The Wakanim platform, holder of the rights to the series in France, reacted to the phenomenon. Matthias Jambon-Puillet, Marketing Manager, explains:

Reopening cinema reservations in such a short time and with unprecedented gauge constraints was a technical challenge for our partners. After the first problems, their teams were very responsive to put everything in order and we thank them. The enthusiasm for Demon Slayer is real and international: the film thwarts the forecasts in all the territories where it comes out. We were convinced that the French public would be there. It is a very nice project for us, which we want to serve as best we can under the current circumstances.

Faced with a phenomenon of such magnitude, Le Train de l’Infini appears as the surprise locomotive of this long-awaited reopening of cinemas. As a reminder, boarding is scheduled from May 19 and the trip will be offered by VO or VF: your choice!

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