Demon Slayer: a triumph and a fiery atmosphere at the Grand Rex for Le Train de l’Infini

Wednesday, May 19, AlloCiné was able to go to the Grand Rex to attend the reopening of the legendary room. On the program: Demon Slayer: The Infinity Train, all in a fiery atmosphere.

The Grand Rex had rarely seen such fervor! On May 5, pre-sales for Demon Slayer The Infinity Train derailed the servers of their service provider, CGR Events, distributor of the film.

After having broken all the records in Japan, the feature film triumphs in the USA and is preparing to do the same in our regions.

For Alexandre Hellmann, director of the Grand Rex, “it’s a Tsunami!” :

“In the history of the Grand Rex we had rarely experienced such enthusiasm when opening pre-sales … The fans were there to the point that the system exploded. It is rather a very good sign: in less than 30 minutes we sold over 3000 seats!

Our public eager for events of this type, after such long months of deprivation, will be able to discover this film-event in the best conditions at the Grand Rex “, he specified.

The big day has finally arrived, Wednesday May 19. AlloCiné was invited to attend the 3:30 p.m. screening of the film Demon Slayer. From the outset, the atmosphere is electric. The fans are at the rendezvous, some wearing outfits similar to the heroes of the anime, Tanjiro and Zen’itsu.

After long months of waiting, the reopening couldn’t be more exciting for franchise aficionados. The large hall of the Grand Rex can accommodate 2,700 spectators, but only 800 are allowed to attend each screening due to the 35% gauge imposed by the government.

That doesn’t stop audiences from screaming their excitement when the first trailers start to roll out. The room becomes more and more vibrant as the first seconds of the film are projected. Applause, shouts of joy … the fans are in heaven!

When the first fights occur, especially concerning Rengoku, the pillar of the flame, the public expresses their joy very loudly. Cries of joy, applause … it feels like a football stadium in the midst of raging supporters.

At the first appearance of the heroes Tanjiro, Zen’itsu, Nezuko and Inosuke, a clamor is heard throughout the room, like a wave of euphoria contaminating each spectator.

If it gives pride of place to the action, the film is not devoid of a scathing humor, not failing to make people laugh in a communicative way.

A fan of Attack on Titan even decided to go for it, chanting an “Eren Jäger” which does not fail to arouse the hilarity of the spectators.

This enthusiasm was to be expected, as the animated series has grown in a very short time. As pointed out 20 minutes, the fans were present on D-Day from 7 am, for the 11 am session at the Grand Rex.

Faced with the demand, the cinema was forced to show the film in its 3 theaters, whose reservations are full until Sunday, May 23. In all, this represents more than 30,000 pre-sales, a real phenomenon.

In all, nearly 70,000 pre-bookings have been made, bringing Demon Slayer closer to the pharaonic numbers sparked by the latest Star Wars trilogy.

CGR Events has therefore revised its ambitions upwards, planning the film on more than 400 cinemas in France, also including UGC and Gaumont. Unheard of for the firm.

The Wakanim platform, which broadcasts the animated series, was also overtaken by such a surge:

“Reopening cinema reservations over such a short period of time and with unprecedented gauge constraints was a technical challenge for our partners. After the initial problems, their teams were very responsive to put everything in order and we thank them for it.

The enthusiasm for Demon Slayer is real and international: the film thwarts the forecasts in all the territories where it comes out. We were convinced that the French public would be there. It’s a very nice project for us, which we want to serve as best we can under the current circumstances “, explains Matthias Jambon-Puillet, Marketing Manager at Wakanim.

In one day, Demon Slayer gathered 58,500 spectators in France, placing itself just behind Adieu les cons Albert Dupontel (61,000). These first figures bode well, announcing a real triumph for the film in France. At that rate, it can beat the 574,000 entries of Dragon Ball Super Broly, released in 2019.

Note that the work has grossed $ 368 million at the Japanese box office since October (28 million viewers). In the USA, he garnered 37 million greenbacks in 2 weeks.


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