Early Black Friday laptop deal knocks $450 off the Dell XPS …

A Dell XPS 15 laptop on an office desk next to a monitor.

If you’re thinking about getting a laptop that’s both thin and light, your mind might immediately go to something like the MacBook Air 15, which certainly meets those criteria. But grabbing a MacBook means you have to enter Apple’s ecosystem, and for many people, that’s too big a ask. Luckily, Dell has a solution for you in the form of the Dell XPS 15, which is equally thin and light but doesn’t require you to buy into the Apple ecosystem. Even better, there are some great Black Friday deals on the XPS 15 from Dell, like this one, which drops the price from the usual $1,999 to $1,549.

Why should you buy the Dell XPS 15?

This configuration of the Dell XPS 15 is quite powerful and can easily compete with the MacBook Air 15, especially with the 13th Gen Intel Core i7-13700H running under the hood. This is a mid- to high-end processor that will handle most productivity tasks with ease, and it can even let you do some editing work. Interestingly, Dell also packs an RTX 3050 graphics card in it, which means you’ll be able to do some basic gaming, making this a very versatile laptop, whether it’s for work or personal use.

The screen is a 15.6-inch panel that runs at an FHD+ resolution and can reach a peak brightness of an impressive 500 nits, meaning you can use it almost anywhere without direct sunlight. This is great because its 4.21 pounds weight and 0.71 inches thickness makes it a very portable laptop. You’ll also be happy to know that you get 16GB of DDR5 RAM, so your day-to-day experience will generally be fine, and the 1TB of storage offered by Dell is plenty big for most people. As far as battery life goes, expect about eight to ten hours, depending on how bright your screen is and what you’re doing.

Overall, this configuration of the Dell XPS 15 is quite powerful and versatile, so it’s great if you want a general-use laptop, especially with the discount from Dell bringing it down to $1,549. That said, it’s always worth taking a look at these Black Friday laptop deals for some options.

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