Delia Smith: The Cooking Legend who Revolutionized British Kitchen

Delia Smith: The Cooking Legend who Revolutionized British Kitchen

Delia Smith is a name that every foodie is familiar with. She is the ultimate cooking legend of our time and has revolutionized the British kitchen like no one else. She is known for her simple yet mouth-watering recipes, which have made her a household name in the UK. Her cooking style has inspired millions of people to cook delicious meals at home and enjoy healthy, nutritious food.

Delia Smith’s Early Life

Delia Smith was born and brought up in Woking, Surrey, in the UK, in 1941. She was the eldest of the three children in her family, and her father was a professional soccer player. She started cooking at an early age and was inspired by her mother’s cooking. Her mother had a small catering business, and Delia was often involved in helping her out.

Delia left school at the age of 16 and started working as a trainee hairdresser in a local salon. However, her heart was not in hairdressing, and she soon quit the job. She then took a job as a shop assistant in a kitchenware shop, where she learned about cooking equipment and ingredients.

Delia’s Cooking Career

Delia’s cooking career started when she was 21 years old. She started working as a cookery writer for a local newspaper, and soon her recipes became very popular. In 1969, she was asked to write a cookery column for The Daily Mirror, which she did for six years. Her column was read by millions of people across the UK, and she became a household name.

In the early 1970s, Delia published her first cookery book, “How to Cheat at Cooking,” which became an instant bestseller. The book was based on the idea that busy people can still cook delicious meals without spending hours in the kitchen. She followed this up with more cookery books, such as “Complete Cookery Course,” “Delia Smith’s Christmas,” and “Delia’s Vegetarian Collection.”

Delia then started making TV shows, which further increased her popularity. Her shows, such as “Delia Smith’s Cookery Course” and “Delia’s How to Cook,” were watched by millions of people across the UK and inspired them to cook delicious meals at home.

Delia’s Influence on the British Kitchen

Delia revolutionized the British kitchen by making cooking simple. She realized that most people were intimidated by cooking because they thought it was too complicated. Delia’s recipes were easy to follow and used simple ingredients, which made cooking accessible to everyone.

Delia also introduced new ingredients to the British kitchen, such as olive oil, polenta, and sun-dried tomatoes. She also introduced the concept of cooking fresh vegetables instead of boiling them to death, which made them more flavorful and nutritious.

Delia also emphasized the importance of using fresh ingredients and cooking from scratch. She believed that home-cooked meals were not only healthier, but also tastier than ready-made meals and takeaways.

Health Benefits of Delia’s Recipes

Delia’s recipes are not only tasty but also healthy. Her emphasis on fresh ingredients and cooking from scratch means that her recipes are free from many of the additives and preservatives that are found in processed foods. Her recipes also use healthy fats, such as olive oil, and are generally low in sugar and salt.

Delia’s recipes are also a great way to increase your intake of vegetables. Her recipes use a wide range of vegetables, which means that you can get a variety of nutrients in each meal.

FAQs about Delia Smith

Q: What is Delia Smith’s most famous recipe?
A: Delia’s most famous recipe is probably her Christmas cake recipe. It has been published in many of her Christmas cookbooks and is widely used across the UK.

Q: Did Delia Smith have any culinary training?
A: No, Delia did not have any formal culinary training. She learned to cook by experimenting in the kitchen and reading cookbooks.

Q: What is Delia Smith’s cooking style?
A: Delia’s cooking style is simple and straightforward. She believes in using fresh ingredients and cooking from scratch.

Q: What is Delia Smith’s advice for beginner cooks?
A: Delia’s advice for beginner cooks is to start with simple recipes and build up their confidence. She also emphasizes the importance of using good quality ingredients.


Delia Smith is a true legend of the cooking world. She has inspired millions of people to cook delicious, healthy meals at home, and her impact on the British kitchen cannot be overstated. Her simple, easy-to-follow recipes and emphasis on fresh ingredients have made cooking accessible to everyone. If you haven’t tried one of her recipes yet, why not give it a go? You might just be surprised by how easy and delicious they are.

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