Death of Sean Connery, first James Bond, Incorruptible and father of Indiana Jones

Scottish actor Sean Connery has died aged 90. He was known to have been the first James Bond of cinema, but also the actor of “Name of the rose”, “Incorruptibles”, “The Last Crusade” or “In pursuit of Red October”.

Death of sean connery, first james bond, incorruptible and father of indiana jones

Sir Sean Connery died on October 31, 2020 at the age of 90 according to the BBC. His relatives announced the death of the man who played James Bond for the first time on the big screen. After brief studies and a stint in the navy, Sean Connery held several trades, alternately delivery driver, mason or coffin varnisher, before turning to the theater. Beginning on the boards in 1951, he made his first steps in the cinema in 1955 in Geordie by Frank Launder and Au bord du volcano by Terence Young.

James bond is not enough

In 1961, he won a competition organized by the London Express and intended to discover the actor likely to embody on the screen James Bond, the hero imagined by Ian Fleming. Became “most famous star in the world“and Sean Connery will play Agent 007 six times, in James Bond 007 vs. Dr. No, Good Kisses from Russia, Goldfinger, Operation Thunder, You Only Live Twice and in The Diamonds Are Eternal in 1971.

On this date, the actor decides to break with this character who brought him notoriety but who imprisons him in a single role, even if filmmakers like Alfred Hitchcock with No Spring for Marnie or Sidney Lumet for La Colline des hommes lost, have already allowed him to demonstrate the extent of his game. Continuing in the same spirit, Sean Connery then turns under the direction of John Boorman in Zardoz and with John Huston in The Man who wanted to be king, before taking up a very last time the clothes of the most famous secret agent in Never Again by Irvin Kershner in 1983.

Requested by the new generation

Turning less from the mid-80s, he multiplies the roles of composition and plays his maturity, especially with Jean-Jacques Annaud), where in the skin of the monk Guillaume de Baskerville he leads subtle investigations for The Name of the Rose in 1986. From secondary characters, he makes the essential springs of the story, whether it is Christophe Lambert’s mentor in Highlander or Malone, Kevin Costner’s partner in Brian De Palma’s Les Incorruptibles, an interpretation for which he won the Oscar for Best Supporting Male Role.

Action heroes until retirement

Father of Indiana Jones in the third opus of Steven Spielberg’s famous saga, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, we find him in In pursuit of Red October by John McTiernan, Rock by Michael Bay, or even in A la meeting of Forrester by Gus Van Sant. After three years of absence, Sean Connery signed his return to the big screen in 2003 with The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen by Stephen Norrington. After the film’s release, he chooses to end his career on purpose. He will make a few vocal participations afterwards, but we will never see him on screen again.

Sean Connery was one of 5 actors who we would see ourselves as when we are old:

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