Death of rapper DMX, seen on screen alongside Deadpool and Jet Li

American rapper DMX, who appeared on the big screen alongside Jet Li and Steven Seagal, and whose title “X Gon ‘Give It to Ya” accompanied the film “Deadpool”, died this Friday at the age of 50 .

The rap world is in mourning. The American DMX died this Friday at the age of 50, following a heart attack contracted after an overdose. A true rap legend with nearly 30 million albums sold worldwide, the New York artist had also appeared several times on the big screen, alongside Jet Li and Steven Seagal in particular.

After being noticed in the urban drama Belly, DMX, whose real name is Earl Simmons, appears in the 2000 action film Romeo must die alongside Jet Li and Aaliyah. The following year, he gave the reply to Steven seagal in the thriller Hors Limits, a film of which some of its pieces illustrate the soundtrack. In 2003, DMX found Jet Li on the occasion of En de reprieve, which saw him play a boss trying to get his hands on black diamonds.

Among the achievements of DMX for the cinema, it is impossible not to mention the way in which its hit X Gon ‘Give It To Ya a accompanied the superheroic feature film Deadpool.

DMX, who starred in 2004 in the feature film Never Die Alone, where he played a man who, after leading a criminal life, is in search of redemption, also briefly illustrated himself on the small screen in an episode of New York. 911.

The trailer for “Hors Limites”, with Steven Seagal and DMX:

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